Ahhh…it was a lovely 19 degree morning for 11 of our brother’s to gather for a fun tour around the track at Greensboro Day School, with 4 lovely pit stops of gloomy goodness!  A year ago I started my F3 experience at this AO (invited by Nixon and Tight Squeeze), under the tutelege of our beloved Long Time.  As I recall, I almost passed out near the end, and was glad to shuffle to my vehicle and make it home to crash into my bed!  Good times!  A lot of progress physically in a year, thanks to all who’ve been a part of it. So after a warm o rama of:

Wind Mills, Hillbillies, 5 Burpees, and Imperial Walkers, YHC tried to explain the THANG, but in my out of breath state, was not quite able to get it all out before those I led mosied off in front of me for the field house end of the track.  After an attempted regroup and explanation of teaming up into partners of 2 :D, we finally got 1/2 the group started on a counter clockwise trek around the track to station 2 while the rest began the weight sets at the field house end of the track.


TEAMS OF 2 OR 3, working out at 4 stations on the track, the field house station being station 1, 1/4 way around the Bleachers being station 2, another quarter around, stations 3 and one more 1/4 around to the gate, entrance from Flag assembly area.

Station 1: Weights: Curls 15 each arm (then mosey to station 2 after each set), Upright Rows 15, Flys 15, Shoulder Press’ 15 -Mosey with partner to station 2

Station 2: Bleachers: Step Ups: 20/leg, Dips 20, Up and Down the stairs 5 trips, Derkins 10 (Mosey to station 3)

Stations 3: Top of Track-opposite field house- Burpees 10, Lunges 10 each leg, Squats 20, Calf Raises 20 (Mosey to station 4)

Station 4: Merkins 20, Carolina Dry Docks 20, Peter Parker, Parker Peters 20 (Mosey to station 1)

Most of the PAX got in 1.25 to 1.5 miles on the track.

Mary:  Q elected to call in support on the Mary and after calling 29 “in cadence” WWII situps -IN CADENCE???”   :D, Stinky Cheese led 20 count of Low Slow Flutters, Nomad led a punishing Marge/Homer 20 count and Huffy finished us out with 25 American Hammers.  Good work men!

Announcements: Huffy’s leading Salvation Ring the Bell Sat. 12-7, Coffeeteria at Green Joes today, Jan. 8 Blood Drive sign up now!  See Butt Fumble for details/sign up, 2 years through the Bible, Q’d by Jlove every Friday at 12 at the Search office on Banking St.

Wojo took us out!  Aye!

PAX: Jitterbug

QIC: 12/16/16