The Murph at 32 degrees was perfect, a beautiful morning for a fun , not so difficult workout with YHC on the mend. Here is what the men accomplished on this 15th day of Advent!

With a brief Mosey to the fitness center the workout began with a TPS inspired sequence of: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, followed by 30 jump squats and a Mosey to the cones for some speed work…Followed by a Mosey to fitness center number two for some core work 100 LSF, 30 AH, 10 pull-ups, 20 Dips, and a 30-60 sec wall stand.

This was followed by a Mosey around the school for a rinse and repeat with more wall stands and wall sits worked in for good measure.

So good to be back in the gloom and especially the “Murph” this time of year as we reflect on the concept of giving and caring for others. No doubt that the men and women who serve over seas would be proud of our use of the freedom we have to demonstrate love, fellowship and selflessness – Amen!

All Natville Pax – Let’s not forget to include those serving in our Armed Service in our prayers! It can be an especially difficult time of year for them and their loved ones….

Aye – Wicked


The Murph welcomes FNG Joe Clasen, – From this day forward he will be known as Full Moon!

PAX: Slum Lord, Stretch, Hoosier, Wilson, TPS, Joe Clasen -aka Full Moon, Loophole, Bed Pan, Stage Fright, Rudolph, Wicked.

QIC: Wicked