Today was a day like any other; except it wasn’t. Another lap had been completed around the sun by YHC so what better way to start it off than with a B-Day Beatdown. A thinly-veiled invite went out and 33 of Natville’s finest showed up to party. TClaps to Toe Tag in Winston Salem for the idea.

No FNGs to be found (let’s change that) so a quick recap of why we do what we do and then off into the gloom towards the church parking lot for:


SSH x 20 IC

5 Burpees OYO

Peter Parkers x 15 IC

4 Burpees OYO

Hillbillies x 15 IC

3 Burpees OYO

Sungods/Chinooks/Unwind x 15ea IC

2 Burpees OYO

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

1 Bupee OYO

Double Applesauce mosey (featuring a laundry dump at the shovel flag) to the Country Park Gate. I believe we alarmed no less that 6 Friendlies and 3 canines in the process). Then:

The Thang

reps of 12/14/16 and just because it was requested, a fast lap around the parking island. Exercises as follows:

12 Merkins, 14 Squats, 16 Low Slow Flutters – Then Run a lap

12 Diamond Merkins, 14 Right Leg Lunges, 16 Freddie Mercurys – Then Run a lap

12 Wide Merkins, 14 Left Leg Lunges, 16 Sweat Angels – Then Run a lap

12 Ranger Merkins, 14 Staggered Squat (Right Leg forward), 16 Cindy Crawfords (Right) – Then Run lap

12 Derkins, 14 Staggered Squat (Left Leg forward), 16 Cindy Crawfords (Left)  – Then Run a lap

12 Crucible Merkins, 14 Jump Squats, 16 American Hammer – Then Run a lap

12 Side Tri Rise (right side), 14 Calf Raises (Right Leg), 16 Rosalitas – Then Run a lap

12 Side Tri Rise (left side), 14 Calf Raises (Left Leg), 16 WWIIs – Then Run a lap

12 Chuck Norris Merkins, 14 Side Lunges (Right), 16 American Hammers – Then Run a lap

12 Irkins, 14 Side Lunges Left, 16 Box Cutters -Then Run a lap

12 Hand Release Merkins, 14 Calf Raises, 16 Plank Jacks – Then Run a lap

12 Booyah Merkins, 14 Partner Jumps, 16 Basic Instincts

TClaps to those that ran through the cycle multiple times. #AbsInCadence

Double Applesauce mosey back to the Shovel Flag + a #JailBreak for


YHC shared that 12/14/16 was his BDay and that he brought the present:

American Thor

1:4 ratio of Sit-ups:American Hammers

increasing each time to



*Butt Fumble looking for help serving meals this Sunday Night (Service Email has all the info)

*Prayers & SUPPORT for Long Time’s January mission trip to Uganda

*CSAUP event in Hartsville on 2/4; FREE! See Twitter or Bodett for info.

*Site Q needed for Lunatic Fringe. AWESOME AO; plenty of opportunity for someone to LEAD.


*Plenty of effort and #MumbleChatter to match; best gift ever.

*Inspired by the speed work in the Double Applesauce. YHC used to think he was fast.

*Already gonna miss Boone’s Farm and the motivation he brings to the PAX.

*JLove should be illegal in at least 16 states

*Advil works wonders on pain; YHC swears he started seeing things at 0545

YHC closed with the COT sharing that 2016 was a tough year in the professional dimension of his life. Yet, everyday he posted, he was reminded that he had a band of brothers that celebrates each others successes, supports each other in times of struggle and, above all, encourage each other to GET BETTER each day.

Grace & Peace, my brothers.

Tommy Boy (Happy Birthday to me, INDEED!)

PAX: Tommy Boy

QIC: 12/14/16