42 misty degrees greeted the PAX upon arrival to the SF this fine Monday morning. The Grinder “Batcall” was put out by I-Beam yesterday as he found himself in under-the-weather distress. With no response and a second flash of the signal via a “Buehler” reference, Quicken – “Not your friend” volunteered to cover the Q responsibilities. YHC was tempted to give it a go despite spending most of the past month on the DL. Besides, I felt sorry for the PAX with back-to-back Quicken epic #Beatdowns since he will not be your friend next Monday too. So volunteer I did….

5:30AM on the nose I checked for FNG’s (nada – too bad), welcomed the PAX, provided brief disclaimer and explained the options:

A. Splinter run with Hermie

B. 0.0 running with YHC; most of the time on the clock

Choices made and we were off. A slow mosey brought us to the gravel lot passed the baseball fields for the:


SSH x 25 IC

IW x 25 IC

Sun gods x 15 IC each direction sobriety style

Toy Soldiers x 25 IC

Mt. Climbers x 25 IC

Lack of any noise besides the IC counting mentally noted by the Q.

Another short slow mosey returned us to the parking lot for The Thang:

Background music courtesy of iTunes music – a little sumpin for everyone: P.O.D., TobyMac, Beastie Boys, Van Halen, KJ-52, etc.

Seven exercises performed AMRAP using a HIIT timer app:

50 seconds of exercise

10 seconds of “rest”, move to next exercise

After completing all seven exercise cycles, a one minute pause for some core work with your friends.

Bear Crawl to Merkin (2 steps forward, merkin, 2 steps back – repeat)

Half, half, full squat

Hand Release Merkin to Superman

Squat to 180 degree Spider Jump

Carolina Drydocks

Alternating 45 degree lunges

Chilcut Planks

Intermission numero uno: sponsored by Sugar Cake with AH x 30 IC (Me thinks he would’ve continued all the way to Mary if time was not called!)

Repeat the 7 exercise sequence again

The second interlude was brought to us by the F3 Workout Machine more commonly known as Dr. Phil – Cross Fit sit-ups x 25

Repeat the 7 exercise sequence again

Somewhere along the way, “Don’t call me Tom” Bodett noted the eery silence of the group – music only, no #Mumblechatter. Maybe the Q lost his touch and the #DRP is too easy to swallow this AM?!?

With three rounds in the books we proceeded off weinke with the following to top it off:

IW x 25 IC

Bear crawl to center of circle high five a PAX member & reverse bear crawl back x 2

Copperhead (sort of) squats x 25 IC

Chilcut plank x 30 seconds x 2

Splinter group returned to join the party and we finished with a little Mary:

Freddy Mercury x 25 IC

AH x 25 IC

(may have been another one in there, but memory a little foggy)


Defib announced it was our War Baby’s birthday and honorably wanted to celebrate. It was at this moment Defib may have made the worst decision of the week by offering Spike the opportunity to celebrate his 12th birthday with 12 reps of his favorite exercise. What would Spike go with? LBC’s? Merkins? Squats?

Naaah – Triple Merkin Freakin Burpees – nice! Q smoked – #mumblechatter was back! PAX were calling for time, birthday presents were rescinded and a lot of under the breath comments.

Happy birthday Spike! – your’re a stud right off the ole Buck Block.

Scooby-Doo: Monday AM prayer group, 6:30AM, Lawndale.  T-claps brother.

Bodett: Get your Christmas season shopping “coupons” at Arise tomorrow morning. BOGO! He’s on Q.

Dr. Phil: Not to be outdone, he’s offering coupons at a less desirable rate of buy two, get one free during Shakeweight.

Pick your poison and enjoy.


Thanks to the PAX for enduring what I can only surmise was too easy of a #Beatdown since there wasn’t any chatter to be heard anytime, anywhere. Maybe it was just too much fun had Saturday night during the #Natville F3 Prom?

Great to be back out on point though. Thanks for dealing with me as I filled in last minute for I-Beam (get well brotha!).

Props to Birds Nest: he modify’s from lunges to save the knees into monkey humpers. Seems like a bad trade to YHC. But who am I to judge?

COT: YHC – Thankful for life, Christmas, PAX.

An honor as always,


PAX: Sugar Cake, Dr. Phil, Hoser, Graffiti, Ashley, Lightyear, Scooby-Doo (RESPECT – War Daddy), Cheddar, Birds Nest, Cavity, Hermey, Lynda, Earl Gray, Jordache, Mini Mouse, Defib, Bodett, Spike (War Baby), Buck

QIC: Chips