Site Q mentioned on the pre-blast that YHC would be bringing gifts to those weather naughty or nice. What better way than to share a recent gift I received from our dear friend Drago. I mean it is a season for giving right?

The Sky Q blessed us with some cloud cover keeping the temps up a bit more than they have been the past few days. While requiring less clothing, it was a hindrance to have so much sweat poring out over the sidewalks of NewBridge Bank Park. Taught to respect the time of the Pax, we started promptly at 5:30 with a short disclaimer and reminder that it is you against you, but your teammates will be depending on & supporting you. It then went something like this:


SSH x 20 IC

Mosey to county (Sandhills Center?) parking lot

IW x 20 IC

1 burpee

Jump ropes x 20 IC

2 Burpees

Seal Jacks x 20 IC

3 Burpees

Copperhead squats x 20 IC

Merkins x 20 IC

Pax seemed ready to go and didn’t give to much grief to YHC on the jump ropes or the seal jacks. Just trying to get the calves warmed up, but may have exhausted them as most Pax seemed to self Ohama the box jumps later.

THANG: Team up in sets of 3. Member A goes to NewBridge Bank Park and does a reverse plank walk up the steps to the top, complete a merkin at the top, plank walk back down & hold plank for Member B to relieve you. Member C gets sandbag and begins exercises on board near Christmas tree; 1 exercise per visit move down one line next rotation. Member B runs with sandbag to relieve other members. While grabbing the 40# sandbags from the car, someone remarked they thought they were kilo bags lined in the seats. Lucky one of Greensboro’s Finest stayed in his car just around the corner and did not bother us. The exercises were:


  1. Clean & press
  2. Box Jump w/bag
  3. Dips with bag on lap.
  4. Squats holding bag
  5. Overhead press
  6. Alternating leg step up
  7. Curls
  8. Cusack Lunges
  9. Burpee w/bag (yes, the bag stays in your hands and goes above head)
  10. Good Mornings (bear hug bag or bag on shoulders based on your ability)
  11. Standing Rows
  12. Tabletop w/bag on abs
  13. Imperial Walkers w/bag on shoulder

Most made it to about line 7 or 8 before time was called to put the sacks of fun back and mosey back to the Church parking lot.


Freddie Mercury x 15 IC

Ankle touch x 15 IC

LSF x 20 IC

American Hammer x 25 IC

Moleskin & Announcements:

  • T-Claps to Magic on heading up the Site Q and covering the service aspect for Q today. With record workout numbers there was not a record set up time. #efficiency exceeded
  • Amphibious on Q at what will be a cold Sweat Angel on Thursday.
  • Disclaimer covers any necessary dental work due to arm failure on plank work. Matlock says so.
  • Gunny on Q next week. #school_board_approved
  • Drago bags are available to anyone wanting them for a workout. there are about 17-40#, 1-35#, and 2-30#. Drago must of kept “THAT ONE IS MINE”, aka 50# himself.
  • Appreciate the chance to lead, honored that 13 other men would put their faith in me to give them their #DRP
  • Anyone know Roker’s (I assumed like AL for the spelling) contact info? In a check of all Pax present today, he was not listed on the roster.



PAX: 12/13/16

QIC: avatar_box