8 men joined YHC for a chilly workout in what was supposed to be rainy conditions, but was thankfully relatively dry.  YHC was unable to locate waterproof gloves without waking the M and 2.0s this morning, so the goal was to keep the pax’s (especially Nancy’s) mittens dry. Long story short… mission was accomplished.


We began with the standard fare to get the muscles moving… SSH x 25 IC, Don Quixote x 15 IC, String Rippers x 15 IC, Imperial Walkers x 25 IC, Sun Gods each way x 15 IC… then went for a mosey.

YHC intended to do Warm-a-rama part two in the breezeway of the #Hoppers ballpark, but discovered that the gates were locked, so we had to improvise.  Continue mosey to base of the spiral parking deck.

Run up the spiral, changing direction each time you go around. Start forward, then karaoke left, backward, karaoke right, repeat.  This seemed to please the pax as top layers were removed as we got to the last dry level, second from the top.

The Thang

Split into 3 groups, then rotate around triangle in rapid pace.

Station 1: Jack Webbs x 10, Monkey Humpers x 20, Hillbillies x 30

Station 2: Merkins x 20, Lt. Dan x 10, Peter Parker x 20

Station 3: Altern. Shoulder Taps x 20, Sumo Squats x 20, Carolina Dry Docks x 20

Rinse and repeat until YHC called time, which was immediately BEFORE YHC had to do Jack Webbs on bare knees for the 3rd time.  #ouch

Mosey down spiral and back to Grace UMC, line up in covered breezeway for Mary, 20 IC of the following: LBC, Low Dolly, Freddy Mercury, Low Slow Flutter and American Hammer.

We made our way to #GracefulGrounds for the table and chair set up.  Despite valiant efforts, we were not able to beat the standing record of 4:07.


YHC thanked the pax, on behalf of the church, for this bit of service that means so much to so many hungry people. YHC also extended the invitation to all to the Wednesday Night supper that occurs every week at 5:45, $3 adults $1 kids.

YHC took us out. It is a special kind of honor to lead this workout and service project.

  • 3rd F tomorrow at Harris Teeter. Topic: Fighting Distractions
  • F3 Prom on Saturday
  • Judy’s Chair Fundraiser at Gate City Growlers tomorrow
  • Magic needs some Qs for this workout.  Bodett has the Q next week.

TClaps to Magic for keeping this workout rolling along through the holiday season, and for bringing out an FNG today.  Despite Amphibious’s attempt to claim another “scalp” before the FNG had a chance to introduce himself, YHC overruled his obscure reference to a local Christmas tree vendor in favor of the internationally known, lovable (Al) Roker.  Welcome, F3Roker!



PAX: Nancy

QIC: 12/06/16