A crowd of 11 Pax decided to try their luck at the track on the 13th of December. Happy to see some new faces giving this AO a try and also happy to see the group of “regulars” – not much regular about them but a good group. After the briefest of introductions, sorry Slum Lord, we moseyed to the far end to get in the gate and did a warm up lap. Then we did a lap with high knees and butt kickers and were off to…

The Thang

Today’s intervals were 800m with 400m recovery in between. I got in about 3.9 miles today and am sure that most got in a bit more.

We did a cool down lap, followed by some Broga stretching and finished with 25 American Hammers IC.

Slum Lord took us out.


Matlock stepped up to Q this AO on December 27.

Slag will be bringing a friend out to F3 who has been diagnosed with progressive alzheimers. He enjoys working out but has a tendency to walk away if not supervised. Just a heads up that we will need to take special care to watch out for him when he joins us.

Please continue to keep Matlock’s Mother in your prayers. She is doing well so far.

Please consider supporting Crawl Space in his upcoming charity run. Here is his fundraising link

http://www.parentprojectmd.org/goto/joematthews he is close to his goal, let’s get him over the top.

Blood Drive on January 8. Sign up.

Bell ringing slots are taken but come support your fellow Pax. This Saturday.

Consider a donation for Tara at Panera. She takes great care of us and is going through some difficult times. See Sacked or J-Love.

Thanks for allowing me to lead and for the great support as we get this AO started. The Pax always pushes me to go faster than I would like to go and I am enjoying the format.

PAX: Everest

QIC: 12/13/16