4 hearty PAX joined Wolverine on the Q at Summerfield Park for a 3 station beat down and a circle of hate. No FNGs, no merlot was spilled. Blessed to avoid rain despite the report of 100% chance 8 hours earlier


High Knees – 30 count IC Stretch

SSH – 25 count IC

Imperial Walkers – 20 IC

Mosey – ½ mile back to begin:

The Thang part 1:

Circle of Hate Each Pax called out his least favorite exercise for his brothers to complete while he two laps around the concession house. Monkey Humpers, Merkins, Burpees were among the fun…

The Thang part 2 in 3 stations:

Station #1 10 step ups per leg 10 single arm tricep hammers with 15lb dumbbell 8 chin ups Take a lap and on to station #2 Station #2 20 dips 20 Monkey Humpers 5 PCMBs (Prison Cell Merkin Burpees) Take a lap and on to station #3 Station #3 15 Werkins 15 band curls 10 Lunges/leg Rinse and repeat 6 MOM 25 Freddie Mercurys IC 20 Crab cakes Leg Climbers – 12 per leg American Hammer – 25 IC

Announcements Wednesday night gathering at Gate City Growlers for Judy’s Chair

COT: Wolverine took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead a fine group PAX!


PAX: Wolverine

QIC: 12/06/16