9 Pax posted to ShakeWeight to expose their vulnerabilities and prepare for life in a mad world. There were five stations marked around the lower level of the parking garage. Pax partnered up and painfully made their way from station to station.


Station #1      25 Curls + 25 Triceps Extensions + 25 Shoulder Presses

[Lunge to Station #2]

Station #2      10 x No-Arm Burpees

[Partner–Carry to Station #3]

Station #3      20 Hand Relase Merkins + 30 Wojo Squats

[Sideways Crab Walk (or) Bear Crawl to Station #4]

Station #4      25 High Knee Jumps

[Sideways Crab Walk (or) Bear Crawl to Station #5] 

Station #5      30 WWI Sit-ups

[Partner–Carry to End #1]


MOLESKIN: Crablegs surprised us all with a 40 yard handstand walk with merkins on his 3rd round between Station #2 & #3. Pinto owes us 7 more no-arm burpees (yes, we noticed). It was great to have Pamela join us in the gloom this AM. Thanx for transporting the lbs ButtFumble.

Word of the Day: To make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.

PAX: LightYear, CrabLegs, Grafitti, Pinto, ButtFumble, Pamela, Ashley, DontYouKnow, Dr.PhiL

QIC: Dr. PhiL