5 of Greensboro’s best came out on a cold Saturday morning.

At 6:32 (because everyone knows that no self-respecting cable guy starts at the scheduled time) we did a Quick jog around the parking lot to get the blood flowing.

Warm-a-rama consisted of SSH, Sungods, and Windmills.

The Thang:

After the warmup YHC opened the back of the pickup truck and introduced the pax to their running partners, 3 twenty pound rolls of coax cable. We took turns passing the rolls of cable as we mosied up past the track to the side hill. At that point we dropped the cable and did a round of 11’s (run to the top of the hill and do 10 burpees, run back down the hill and do 1 squat, continue until you get to 1 burpee and 10 squats).

After everyone completed the 11’s it was time for some station work on the track. The station work was a mosey around the track (with our 20 pound running partners) while stopping at the 3 workout stations. We completed 3 laps around the track while completing the following exercises with the rolls of cable. Station 1: Curls, overhead press with the cable, dips (no cable). Station 2: squats and Lt. Dan’s with the cable, step-ups (no cable). At station 3 we put down the cable rolls and completed some core work: WWII situps, banana’s and dying cockroaches. To finish off the track work YHC had the pax run 200 meters to the far end of the track. I then informed the pax that we would run back around 200 meters and that if we finish 10 seconds faster we could avoid more burpees. Everyone was spent by this time, but the threat of burpees made everyone dig deep and find another gear. With everyone meeting the time goal we did a quick 15 merkins (5 wide, 5 diamond, and 5 regular) and then carried the rolls of cable back to the parking lot for Mary.

6 MOM: When we arrived back to the parking lot we caught our breath by doing some quick Broga (high plank, side plank on both sides and chilcutt planks).  Mary consisted of PAX choice around the circle: Freddie Mercury’s, Crabcakes, X’s and O’s, Marge and Homer, and American Hammer.



Blood drive in January.

More money was raised for Judy’s Chair at Wednesday’s HDHH!

TPS took us out in prayer.


As always, it was an honor to get to lead these strong men,







PAX: 184

QIC: TPS, Heisenberg, Udders, Nails