Today, we were expecting a stellar crowd at the Murph, but the school board (HDHH- Gate City Grolwers) must have run long as Gunny was missing along with other regulars. The other 5 PAX assembled on-time including Stretch and headed off down the road for the mosey.

The thang

The Murph is comprised of 3 simple repeated exercises.

A – 5 Pullups B – 10 Merkins C – 30 SQUATS

We did 5 sets at playground A – AB AB C. Note: Snooki decided to merge his merkins into one 20 merkin set.

After set 5 we moseyed to playground B for 5 additional loops. This time a member of the PAX did BALLS-to-the-WALL while the PAX did the AB AB combo and then rejoined for the C.

Continued the mosey to 2.0 miles. Added Cindy Crawford x10 IC and American Hammer x 15 IC.

Other notes, Snooki is rolling under cover in his new car.


SNOOKI – great job.

PAX: Snooki, JR, Drizzle, Stretch, TPS