Warmarama: 13 Pax started with a .75 mile warm up run, out and back to the shovel flag.  Continued to loosen up with Sun Gods, 20 IC, small circles to big circles.  Reversed directions for 20 more, IC, small circles to big circles.  Leg swings, 15 IC to Runners Lunge with 15 low hip circles.  Switch legs, rinsed, repeated.  Finished warmarama with a low, long squat, held for 60 secs. Mumble chatter was heavy as we tried to name this exercise.


The Thang:  Pax ran through Wedgewood/Starmount, uphill to Christ United Methodist and circled up in the parking lot.  Upon regrouping, an Ascension Ladder was started:  Increasing counts of Merkins & Squats, alternating between each exercise. 1 Merkin, then 1 Squat. 2 Merkins, then 2 squats, etc.  This was performed OYO for 2 minutes.  Pax then ran back to the shovel flag.  1 mile out, 1 mile back


Mary:  We started Mary with the low squat and held for 60 secs.  Then proceeded to do Bro-ga with various stretches for legs and hips.  Finished with a core work out called Hollow Man.  Lay on back then extend arms and legs for 20 secs, recover for 5 secs.  3 sets.

PAX: MacGyver, Nancy, Explosion, Lynda, Refi, Man Eater, Cummings, Hoser, Sir Charles, Cheesy Poof, Sir Earl Grey, Tebow

QIC: Crawlspace