Double Applesauce through JC parking lot and back up to church parking lot

side stradle hop 20x

rippers 20x

abe vigoda 20x

sun gods 20x

imperial walker 20x

hill billy 20x


Low squat 60 secs

Mike Tyson 30 IC

Bruce Lee: hammer, Leg Raise, LBC, Heel Touch, Crunchy Frog, 100’s (20 reps each, no rest between)

Bring Sally Up

Thang 2.0

Ultimate Frisbee.  After each score, the opposing defense does 5 Burpees

Final score 3 to 2


Cindy Crawford

Nolan Ryan

American Hammer

PAX: Pax: Wojo, Xerox, Bedbud, Cecil, Wicked, Short Track, Plato, On Time, Lynda, Apollo, Snowflake, Wawrinka, Buzz, Polo, Windmill, Snooki, Tiny Dancer, Norwood, Yeti, Drizzle, Schnitzel,

Tclaps to On Time for the double dip.

QIC: Crawlspace