In an effort to keep the NASCAR theme alive;..the Sprinkle 200.  The goal was to have a running workout today which would challenge all participants and allow the PAX to stay together. Rules:

  1. Stay in your lane.
  2. Recover with the PAX
  3. Reset lanes after each interval
  4. Don’t let Scooby be the starter.

We started from the parking lot to the track after a brief introduction for the 5 regulars. I promised the PAX a nice slow 800 mosey to make sure all muscles were sufficiently warmed before we began the sprints. The goal was to make sure each 200 meter sprint was 85-90% allowing for a full recovery in between intervals. The other promise was the lane reassignment to give the person in each wider lane  an extra few meters to cover to maintain the “pole” position.

8 x 200 with full recovery.

3.2 miles covered.


Scooby took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead a great group of men.

PAX: Everest, HazMat, Scooby, Slag, TPS