It’s taken some time but YHC finally made my way back to boot camp scene after broken arms hiatus and arrived as Q on this beautiful Saturday morning at the famed Inside Voices AO.  Ready to deliver the goods and swiftly going through disclaimer YHC hit the PAX with some good fun brick work.

Warm-a-Rama #1

SSH x 25

Sungods forward x20

Sungods backwards x 20

Squatted Chinooks forward x 20

Squatted Chinooks backwards x 20

String Rippers x 20

Every man advised to grab 2 bricks as they would be carrying them for the remainder of the workout.

Mosey north up Beverly. Cusaks with the bricks called 3x during mosey in 45 second intervals until arrival at Beverly and Madison intersection.

Plank for 6

Warm-a-Rama # 2

Peter Parkers x 20 (no recovery) >

Plank Jacks x 20(no longer recovery) >

Plank Dips x 20 (no recovery) >

Mountain Climbers x 20 (no recovery) >

Parker Peters x 20 – Recover

Grab bricks again and mosey east down Madison take Homewood north plank for 6 at top of Homewood Hill

Mosey down to the base of the Hill PAX see 10 work stations along the way.

The Thang:

Station 1 : Merkins x 25

Station 2 : Alternating Shoulder Taps x25

Station 3 : Monkey Humpers x40

Station 4 : Carolina Drydocks x40

Station 5 : Plank Jacks x60

Station 6 : Low Slow Flutters x60

Station 7 : Crabcakes x80

Station 8 : LBC’s x 80

Station 9 : Squats x100

Station 10: Mountain Climbers x100

Arriving at the bottom PAX were instructed to partner into groups of 2. One group had 3. Partner A begins running to Station 1 with Partner B performing diamond set of exercises:

Plank Dips x 100

Lateral Arm Raises x 150

Flock of Seagulls x 200

Tricep Extensions x 250

Curls x 300

Tricep Extensions x 250

Flock of Seagulls x200

Lateral Arm Raises x 150

Plank Dips x 100

PAX pushed themselves hard through the Thang. Due to time we got to back side of the diamond at the Flock of Seagulls and groups made it LBC’s in the station climbs up Homewood.

Picked up the Bricks and hauled them up and down the length of Homewood finally depositing them at Nancy’s driveway. Finished the run back to basketball court.


(Quick and Strong Finish)

Low Slow Flutter x20 (no recovery) >

Freddy Mercury x20 (no recovery) >

American Hammer x20


YHC enjoyed some good boot camp work today and got some brick running in that was close to 2 miles.  Arms getting stronger! Feels great and appreciated all the support and check-in’s during recovery. Reminder to all PAX to reach out to our brothers struggling through injury. It’s pure motivation and support that helps the healing!

This is a great venue and workout for a Saturday morning! Join the fun!! Needs more PAX turnout and support as one of the big ones of the week! 2.0 friendly as well! Thank you Cummings for the opportunity! As always I’ll be back!

4 1/2 PAX was thrown out as the turnout today but this was 5 STRONG! Enjoyed it brothers! Keep healing Nancy!


F3 Prom on 12/10 – get a sitter and bring your M for a night of celebration!

Sunday visit Sole Crusher run. Refi is buying coffee! Come on out to start your Sunday out right!

Jingle Bell Run is Saturday, Dec. 3rd –


Nancy took us out in prayer. Thanks brother!

Always an Honor!

Many Thanks – Tebow

PAX: Tebow

QIC: 11/19/2016