7 Pax joined YHC this morning in the gloom.

Warm a Rama:

20 x SSH

20 x Hillbillies

20 x Wind Mills

20 x String Rippers


The PAX then ran down to the bottom of the traffic circle.

20 x WWII sit ups, run to the top of the circle, do 5 x Burpees and run back down to the bottom of the circle and SSH till the 6 comes in (X 5)

Run to the work out center on the right of the school.

Half of the group did hanging straight arm pull ups x 5 while the other half of the group does WOJO squats ( X 2)

Run to the parking area.  50 sprint followed by 3 burpees (X 6)

Run to the other work out center

Half of the group does 5 normal pull ups while the other half of the group hold a plank (X 5)

Run around the bottom of the traffic circle and sprint the last 75 yards going to the Shovel Flag.


20 X Flutter Kicks

30 X LBC’s

5 X Extended Planks

30 X American Hammers


PROM Saturday, Judy Chair at the Growler this week,  American Red Cross Blood Drive (see BB),

Drizzle took us out in prayer

Pleasure to lead guys,  Thank you!


PAX: 140

QIC: Bodette, TPS, Swag, Drizzle, Stage Freight, Bed Pan, Brown Noser