It was a lovely, BRISK morning on which a dedicated PAX of 26 reminded each other that the First F doesn’t stand for “fart sack” ….  And so we promptly began with a short mosey to the gate for…


  • SSH x25
  • Windmill x15
  • Smurf Jacks x20
  • Moroccan Night Club x20 each
  • Imperial Walker / Hillbillies x20 each
  • #Broga – Upward Dog/ Downward Dog / Carolina Dry Docks x10


YHC had a trunk load of 20-30# medicine balls, each with a METL (look it up) which had the pleasure of joining us through rest of the day’s workout….  Here’s how it went down:

The PAX “paired off in 3’s” – one #BabyBall to each group and a stern warning was issued that Baby couldn’t touch the ground during the drill.  Penalty TBD…

PAX proceeded to mosey at fellowship pace around the lakes for a progressive beatdown while protecting their #BabyBall:

  1. Deer Statues: Bodybuilders x10, Copperhead Squats w/Ball x10 – “creative” plank or Al Gore with Baby until 6 completed
  2. Playground Lot: Carolina Dry Docks x20, Lieutenant Dans w/Ball x20 – Plank or Al Gore w/Baby
  3. Far Corner of Lake: Crab Cakes x20, WWII Sit-Up x20.
  4. War Memorial: Dips x30, Derkins x30, Plank or Wall-Sit w/Baby-In-Lap until 6 completed
  5. Finish the Loop: OYO 150 Merkins & 150 Freddie Mercuries per group, carrying ball back. #mumblechatter.
  6. Wookie (Tommy Boy’s 2.0) dropped his #BabyBall just before exiting the park resulting in a 5 Burpee Penalty for the PAX (#BadParenting)

FINALE / 6MOM = Who wants to do more burpees and run some???

  • Burpee Ballpass Circle in style of Big Mitt (1,2,3 merkin burpees) x 3-4 minutes
  • Indian Run toward Shovel Flag w/ Jail Break just in case anyone was holding something back!
  • American Hammer to finish the job!  Thanks Stage Fright and Daphne


  • Total Miles 2.1 by my fit bit… seems longer carrying #BabyBall!
  • Great showing this morning!  Tclaps to all who posted.  Lots of RESPECT in the PAX today, too.
  • Apologies for YHC forgetting basic exercise intro today… #BrainFart yo!  Thanks Daphne (and HBD again brother!)
  • Enjoyed seeing groups watching out for each other during the Thang!  Everyone made it back and all seemed to have a great workout (as I’m sure tomorrow’s soreness will confirm!)
  • Welcome to DOS’ 8 year-old FNG nephew Luke Vannoy, a.k.a. Ace.  Little guy killed it today!
  • Welcome Kooter (FNG Zach Brown), friend of Sir Isaac.  Perfect day for a first F3 post!  Look forward to seeing you in the gloom again soon. (Sir Isaac, can you please share Zach’s email with me and/or Sacked please?)
  • Welcome to Tiny Dancer, visiting from Wilmington PAX!  Nice job today Brother!
  • Way to dig deep today, Plato!  You’re efforts don’t go unnoticed. Keep up the great work, man!
  • Total Miles 2.1 by my fit bit… seems longer carrying #BabyBall!


  • F3 Gala NEXT SATURDAY 12/10.  Need 120 ppl to break-even. Please come with your M! here’s the link...
  • Can still donate to WOJO’s family’s TEAM at Jingle Bell Run in Raleigh today.  here’s the link…
  • F3 Service Project today facilitated by Butt Fumble.  By time you read this it’ll be too late – keep eyes out for future opportunities via SlumLord!
  • Judy’s Chair fundraiser event this coming Wednesday 12/7/2016 @ Gate City Growlers. Every pint sold raises $1 toward a new chair.  Final push – please come out if you can. Aye!

COT – Stage Fright took us out.

Thanks to all who posted today and to Sacked for opportunity to Q The Nightmare. It’s always a humbing and energizing experience.  You each inspire me to be a better man / husband / father / H.I.M.  Thanks again!

Have a great weekend,

Long Time

PAX: Long Time

QIC: 12/2/2016