YHC eased up to the AO this morning about 10 till, finding that Woody was already there having the flag planted and the signature Rainbow Dash pre-game jam rolling.  Let me remind you that this AO has the finest selection of AC/DC & GnR in the F3 Nation, bring it if you think otherwise…10 other veterans showed up and as soon as thunderstruck was over at 07:02 (had to let it roll) a brief hello was given and we took off to the basketball court / heavy equipment parking spot / port-o-john area for warm-o-rama. Frankly, warm-o-rama is pretty boring and nobody cares much about the standard issue SSH’s & stuff, so we started off with a stellar performance of Moroccan nightclub’s and transitioned into some monkey humpers.  We did some other stuff too, but again, we were just getting warm for:

Tha Thang:

SUPER 21’s with Merkins/Squats/LBC’s:

Pretty straightforward and in your face.  Start with one repetition of each exercise and increase the reps by one every evolution all the way up to 21.  All in, we did 693 reps of combined Merkins, Squats & LBC’s. Personally, YHC was ready go go home after the S21’s but with 30 minutes left on the clock we moved on to…

Thang #2:

Bojangles Blueberry Biscuts:

Track work – one mile running the straight legs at maximum output, coasting the curves, and of course, adding in 5 burpees at every end of the track.

Thang #3:

11’s – Lt.Dan’s at the bottom, bear craw the hill with Imperial Walkers at the top.

COT – Butt Fumble took us out reminding all of us that we have much to be thankful for.


Pretty sure that Wicked, Beaver, J-Love & Papelbon all doubled down today.  YHC could barely get through his own post, much less two of them – YOU GUYS ARE BEAST.


Judy’s chair this Wed at Gate City Growlers from 5:30-7:30, GCG will donate $1 for every pint we purchase.  Remember that we burn calories in the morning and put them on in the evening, I hear this is some type of fung shui harmony that keeps the world in check.

Project REBUILD – GOING ON RIGHT NOW at 1205 Gregory St please lend a hand!




PAX: Wicked, Beaver, J-Love, Butt Fumble, Scooby Doo, Papelbon, Woody, Brisket, Norwood, Ewok, Viagra, (Duce), JR