38 degrees. That is what the #HeatStick read when YHC cracked open the fartsack in the gloom. Good thing YHC made it clear to the men of F3 NOT to post at the Fringe. Thankful to the Sky Q for the reminder that F3 is about invigoration and that the PAX counts on one another. A quick drive to the AO, shovel flags planted, a greating to the Brothers Gloom and we are off (too cold for the usual long winded Tommy Boy disclaimer). The PAX was led off across campus up onto the quad for:
SSH x 20 IC

Hillbillies x 20 IC

Parker Peters x 15 IC

Merkins x 10

Peter Parkers x 15 IC

String Rippers x 12 IC

Toy Soldiers x 20 IC

Mosey on back to the Shovel Flags for the F3 Wheel of Torture. YHC left the Wheel in his other spandex pants so he simply covered the two option with towels. #ShroudedInMystery
YHC asked TPS to play Vana White and unveil the first phase of the beatdown. He did a lovely job and chose wisely: we would begin with:
The Thang (part I):
Double Deuces (12 exercises w/ 22 reps each) #CrowdPleaser

all exercises performed w/ weights unless otherwise noted*

-Squat into a Press

-Merkin Jumps* (#BurpeesWithoutTheEase)


-Electric Boogaloos*

-Jumping Knee-to-chest*

-Lt. Dan’s w/ a Curl

-Greg Louganis (leg lifts)

-Renegade Row Merkins (11 each arm)

-Kneeling Lumberjock Chops

-Evolution of Man* (prone position, roll up into a stand)

-Shake the Baby

-Cusack Squats

Fanny stepped up and called each exercise to the PAX. He has rightfully laid claim to the newest addition to the F3 Mission:

Male Readership #FreedToRead

Fanny then took it a step further when he pulled the curtain, ever so slowly on:
The Thang (part II):
Tabata (30 seconds of AMRAP followed by 15 seconds of rest)

all exercises performed w/ weights unless otherwise noted*

-Goblet Squats

-Butterfly Crunches*

-Reverse Lunges

-Bent Over Row

-Pickle Pushers*

-Shot Put

-John Travoltas*

-Ground & Pound

-Clean Lift


-Triple Crush (#CrowdPleaser)


After a welcomed 10-count from Huffy, we rolled right into:
Box Cutters x 20IC

1 Minute PLank (variations)

Homer to Marge x 10 into

Freddie Mercurys x 15IC

American Hammers x 25IC


12/3 :: F3 Service Project – Demo Job for Community Housing Solutions THIS SATURDAY. 8:30AM-4PM. Show up for any or all of the day; help is needed @ 1205 Gregory St. No tools needed.

12/7 :: Final Push for Judy’s Chair @ Gate City Growlers. Every Pint sold = $1 to Judy’s Chair.
12/3 :: Kate’s Caped Crusaders TOMORROW! Donotations are easy to make HERE.
12/17 Salvation Army needs our help. 11AM-7PM. 8 men that can donate an hour each. PLEASE READ this Sunday’s service email for the full rundown. Huffy is the Site Q for this opportunity.
Connect with Brown Noser if you are in need of 2 Twin Beds
Connect with Boone’s Farm if you are in the market for a new Toyota Sienna; top shelf.

#TCLAPS to EVERY member of today’s PAX. YHC was overcome with gratitude for the effort and trust you showed today. Hope YHC’s lack of DJ skillz didn’t impact the value of what you paid.
#honored to know EVERY one of you men. Thanks for meeting me in the #gloom
YHC took us out with a reminder that, with all of these service opportunities, our overflow is someone else’s necessity
Tommy Boy

PAX: 210

QIC: Fannie, Everest (REPECT), Pamela, Huffy (RESPECT), Spurrier, Brown Noser, Jitterbug (RESPECT), Botox, Heisenberg (RESPECT), War-DAMN-Eagle (RESPECT), Avocado, Nomad, Scooby Doo (RESPECT), Hosier, Slumlord, Butt Fumble, TPS, Drizzle, Poehler, Tommy Boy (QIC)