27 PAX including YHC joined together on a crisp Friday morning.  YHC decided to give everyone a choice.  More reps/less running or less reps/more running – either way, you will end up smoked.


Sun Gods (both ways, sobriety style)

Moroccan Nightclubs (sobriety style)

Shinooks (sobriety style)

Hillbillies/Imperial Walkers

Windmill (Quicken commented on YHC’s excellent form here – less of a windmill, more of painfully bending over)

Mountain Climbers

Active Warmup

– High Knees

– Butt Kickers

– Karaoke

– Backwards Run

– Sprint


Two groups – one that chose more reps and one that chose more running.

Group 1 (higher reps) proceeded up each level of the church street deck, doing 4 exercises on each level before moving up the next level

Group 2 (more running) proceeded to each level, did half the number of reps, but after each level would have to run all the way back down and then back up.

Exercises by floor were (forgive me – I have forgotten a couple of exercises)

Floor 1 – Wide Merkins, Squat Jumps, LBCs, Peter Parkers

Floor 2 – Merkins, Copperhead Squats, Dying Cockroaches, ???

Floor 3 – Carolina Dry Docks, Copperhead lunges, Partner Merkins, American Hammer

Floor 4 – Burpees, Homer to Marge, Catalina Winemixers, ???

Group 1 made it all the way up and down.  Group 2 nearly did as well.  Great job by everyone.



Freddies Mercuries


American Hammer

COT – Snookie

Enjoyed it boys.



– Make sure the weights @ Shake Weight make it on Tuesday!

– Congrats to Jordache for taking over site Q from Wide Left.  Wide Left is moving for a great opportunity in upstate NY.  We will miss you Wide Left, and thanks Jordache for stepping up.

– Rainbow Dash and Inside Voices are tomorrow – come out

– Community Housing Solutions – Demolition in Glenwood from 8am to 4pm tomorrow – contact Butt Fumble

– F3 Prom – December 10th

PAX: I-Beam

QIC: 12/2/2016