7 gathered in the dark and gloom to get into the holiday spirit with a 12 days of Christmas workout.  Below is how things went:

Mosey one lap around church parking lot.

Warm up:

Side Straddle Hops x 12

Sun gods Forwards x 12

Sun gods Backwards x 12

Shinooks (sp?) x 12

Wood Choppers x 12

Hillbillies x 12

The Thang

(Start with 1st day; then do 2nd day and 1st day; then do 3rd day, 2nd day, and 1st day; repeat until you do 12th day all the way down to 1st day)

1st day – 30 second plank (varying positions)

2nd day – 2 Sprints

3rd day – 3 10-sec wall squats at high, medium and low position

4th day – 4 Turkish Get-ups

5th day – 5 Pull-ups

6th day – 6 Burpees

7th day – 7 Dips

8th day – 8 Merkins

9th day – 9 Jump squats

10th day – 10 Walking lunges

11th day – 11 Jack Webbs

12th day – 12 Mountain Climbers each leg

Mosey back to basketball court.


LBC x20

Low Flutters x 20

Cindy Crawford x 15 – both sides

American Hammer x 15

Announcements: December 10 – F3 Ball

Prayer: Earhart

PAX: Rubble

QIC: 11/28/16