We had a B-E-A-UTIFUL morning at the Murph at Jesse W. The stars were shining bright and the sweat was flowing despite the temperatures being slightly cooler than the 65 degrees we had yesterday.


1.) Side Straddle Hops

2.) Wind-mills

3.) Hillbillies

The Thang

1.) Run 1 mile (T-clapps to everyone for completing their first mile in 5-8 min.)

2.) 5 pull ups – 10 push ups – 5 pull ups – 30 squats (x5)

3.) Slow Mozy to the other playground

4.) 10 pull ups while partner does freddy mercuries (x5)

5.) Run 1 mile with 5 sets of 20 M’rkins periodically

6.) American Hammer and Prayer


100 Pull Ups

150 Push Ups

150 squats

2 mile run

Freddy Murcuries (a lot)

20 American Hammers

Huge shout out to Wicked, hoser, Ashley, Slum lord, Hoosier (very similar to hoser), and JR for coming out and giving it the old college try. Always a pleasure working out with you guys! Hot Tub bodies are almost here.


Demo Day with Butt Fumble this Saturday

Jingle Bell run on Saturday as well



PAX: Boatshow

QIC: 12/01/16