YHC was on the Q – part of the west side’s attempt to reach out to the east siders.  Very little was said at the beginning and we jumped right into it.


Started very quickly with an active warm up along Starmount that included A-skip, Karaoke, backwards run, butt kickers and high knees.

Stopped at Knollwood and Starmount for some Windmills and some stretching


YHC doesn’t know the streets of Starmount as well as his home turf.  Thus, I had to keep it very simple.

We ran 5 hills – Knollwood, Wedgedale, Brentwood loop up the east, Brentwood loop up the west, and Forestdale.

Each time, every ran to the top, then the Sugar Rays picked up the 6.  Recovery mosey back down to the bottom.

Lots of mumble chatter around doing the Brentwood loop twice.  YHC wanted to see which way was easier.  For some reason, the second time we did it, it was longer.

Mosey back to the flag for some Mary.






American Hammer

COT – Stinky Cheese.

Always enjoy hanging out with my westside brothers – great run.  ~4 miles.  Well done men – it was an honor.

– IBeam


– Monday @ Latham Grinder – Splinter run separate from the Boot Camp workout – identical to Starmount Stampede – come out and get the numbers up.

– F3 Prom – December 10th – Sign up

– Judy’s Chair Fundraiser – Next Wednesday @ Gate City Growlers (Judy will be in attendance!)

– Blood Drive – January 8th

– This Saturday – Community Housing Solutions in Glenwood – Contact Butt Fumble

– Salvation Army Bell Ringing – Saturday, December 17th – Food Lion on Lawndale

– Jingle Bell Run – This Saturday – Join or make a donation

– Inside Voices – Support Lynda on the Q – 6am Saturday – Get the numbers up!

PAX: I-Beam

QIC: 12/1/2016