On a windy but warm morning, the PAX gathered in a wet parking lot but did not have to deal with anymore of the expected rain. After a brief welcome from YHC, the PAX took off for a mosey of just over a half mile to Oak Ridge Elementary. Here is how things played out:


20 ssh IC

20 imp walkers IC

20 sun gods forward IC

20 sg reverse IC

20 monkey humpers IC

20 black hawks IC

The Thang

4 Quarters of breezy boot camp style enjoyment with OT thrown in for the sugar rays.

1st 1/4

5 diamond Merkins oyo

20 goblet squats IC


2nd 1/4

20 Merkins IC

20 bobby Hurley IC

20 lo slow flutter IC

3rd 1/4

20 wide grip Merkins IC

20 step up each leg

20 ww1 sit-up oyo

4th 1/4

20 pounding dry docks IC

20 rocket jumps oyo

With time left we went to OT

20 wide right Merkins

20 wide left Merkins

Six inches for close to a minute

Heisenberg takes the reins:

And drives the pax like sled dogs on a 60 yard bear crawl. Then a reverse run. From there the PAX headed back from the school to the shovel flag that had blown over. The PAX was encouraged to run hard if they could. Then we finished up with a short Mary:

Cindy Crawfords 10 On R, 10 On L

American Hammers 20 IC


YHC took us out


Q schedule open for the Cadet Lab moving forward. Encouraged the PAX to come out for the Cadet Shuffle and to volunteer to Q there sometime too.

Heisenberg reminded the guys of 2nd F gathering at the Tap Room every Wednesday after work from 5:30 on.

Heisenberg mentioned to the PAX that Dr. Evil had ear surgery and will be on the shelf for a few weeks. Hope to have him back in the gloom soon.

Regards and an honor to lead,

Chad Williams (Nails)

PAX: Spurrier, Jets, Double Check, Wolverine, Misfire, Heisenberg Co-Q), Nails (Co-Q)

QIC: Nails and Heisenberg