25 in the pax this morning. These guys took a beating and kept coming back for more. One even said “Thanks can I have another!” We had a great workout. Thanks for letting me Q.
Mosey to the Church parking lot
Warm O Rama
5 burpees
Windmills ic
Sun gods both directions
6″ plank
Plank jacks x 20
Mosey to the hill at business park
Run 50% to the top. Back down
Run 75% to the top.  Back down
Run 100% to the top and stay there.
10 count by Spike then mosey over to the Mountain.
The Thang
Split into 2 groups. One group ran from station to station in clockwise direction while the other group went counter clockwise. There was a station halfway down the mountain, one at the bottom, one at the other corner of the parking lot, another halfway up the mountain, then back to the Burpee station at the top of the mountain.
Burpees Station at the top of the mountain
Start with 5 burpees and add 1 burpee per round
Station 1
20 Ranger Merkins
20 imperial walkers
30 lbc
20 chilcutt plank jacks
Station 2
20 shoulder taps
20 jump squats
20 Crunchy frog
30 chilcutt mountain climbers
Station 3
20 Parker Peters
20 lunges 10 per leg
40 crab cakes
20 Catalina wine mixer
Station 4
30 plank jacks
20 hillbillies
20 chilcutt Peter Parkers
15 Carolina dry docks
Alway end up at the top of the mountain doing more burpees. Adding 1 burpee each round.
Mosey back to Lindley Park for Mary.
Plank in circle while counting
6″ plank in circle while counting
Chilcutt in circle while counting
Plank 90 sec

PAX: Stubin, Dean, Cornhole, Hackman, Amphibious, Hudd, Bulldog, Nancy, Refi, War Damn, Eagle, Wilma, Streamer, Avocado, Ashley, JR, Fanny, Earl Gray, Don’t You Know, Boatshow, Earhart, Prophet, Slumlord, Buck, Spike

QIC: Graffiti