67 men, women and children gathered around the Rainbow Dash shovel flag on a beautiful morning at Mendenhall. A few times a year we break one of the F3 Core Principals (men only) and invite the whole clan. This event had been well announced and marketed by Woody and other Natville pax so it was a great turnout. Woody ever so eloquently delivered the intro including a spot on mission statement and welcomed everyone out. YHC did a disclaimer and encouraged all the new folks to feel free to modify when needed. Off to the front lot and we did some

Warm A Rama

Ssh x 20 IC

Windmill x 20 IC

String ripper x 15 IC

Mountain climber X 20 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Hillbilly x 15 IC

Burpee x 3 SC

Head up to the football field to start

Thang 1

The pax lines up along the sideline of the football field with cones marking midway. Burpee and modified Burpee demonstrated and then practiced..

Run to cones, 5 burpees- 10 SSH, Run to far sideline 5 burpees- 10 SSH Plank for 6.

Rinse and repeat back to the other side.

Parnter Up with 2.0 or other family member. Wheel Barrel 2.0 to cones, 10 LBCs then Partner Carry (piggy back) 2.0 to far sideline and do 10 LBC’s

Bear Crawl to cones and 10 Air Squats. Crab Walk to far end and 10 Air Squats

Thang 2

Split Pax into 2 teams for an Indian run around the quarter mile track. The column essentially fell apart halfway so we called a jailbreak to the finish line.


Mosey to basketball court.


Partner up:


Partner a goes “thighs to the wall” while partner b runs around the school #crowdpleaser. Flapjack so everybody gets a turn.

Thang 3

For the last section we split into 2 groups 1) younger 2.0’s and family pax 2) more advance pax looking for more of a #beatdown.

Group 1 with Gilligan for relay race. Parents vs Kids. Running to cone performing 2 burpees and running back to tag the next teammate. While waiting your turn the pax performed SSH, Sun Gods, Air Claps, Mountain Climbers, Air Squats, Plank Jacks, Lunges, Imperial Walkers. The kids win by a nose.

Burpee soccer Parents vs Kids with no goalie’s. Team that is scored on has to do 5 burpees. Parents lose 2-0.

Group 2 with Woody runs to the bleachers for a ladder drill consisting of:


Pull ups 10-1

Step ups 10-1

Squats 10-1

Dips 10-1

After everyone is done, we all gather up again for


Wicked our resident ab expert is called in to do mary. He brought the 2.0’s in an inner circle and lead us through

Low Slow Flutters IC X 20

American Hammers IC X 20

COT- yhc took us out in prayer.

Announcements/ Moleskin

  • F3 Greensboro Christmas Gala is December 10. Get on the line and get your tickets asap. That is only 2 weeks out.
  • Lots of women were out there kicking butt and enjoying a free boot camp beatdown. FIA was brought up and how it could probably do well in Greensboro. If there is enough interest lets get FIA Winston to come discuss with the M’s.
  • This was one of the most fun and enjoyable workouts I have experienced with my time in F3 .Sharing this with family was really special, and look forward to doing again. Elsa will make sure of that…

On behalf of Woody thank you for letting us lead the pax at Family Day ! It was an honor.





PAX: Woody & Gilligan

QIC: 11/26/16