Pax gathered on a chilly? Tuesday morning. 30ish degrees led some Fenceline veterans to reminisce about the mid teen temps or 33º degree rainy Tuesdays that made this AO what it is today.  “Cold? this is summer winding down boys” – Anonymous

This kind of chatter lightened the mood for the 15 present pax, and off for a short mosey we went. 15 seconds later we were at the basketball court for the W.A.R.


  • SSH x 15 IC
  • String Rippers x 15 IC (varying speeds) (requested)
  • Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
  • Planks
    • Bridge
    • 6 inches
    • Hips Down
  • Sun God x 10 IC (forward & reverse)

The Thang

Pax partnered up, size did not matter. Each pair grabbed a resistance band, heeded instruction and formed a strategy.

Partner A did an exercise Partner B ran to the end of the drive way (25 yards) did the listed exercises and returned to relieve their partner. Group did exercises for a cumulative count.

Resistance Exercises (Partner A)

  • 1000 Bicep Curls (Single Arm)
  • 1000 Chest Punches (Single Arm)
  • 1000 Back Rows (Double Arm)
  • 1000 Tricep Extensions (Double Arm)

Run/Exercise (Partner B)

  • 10 SSH
  • 10 Plank Jacks
  • 10 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Imperial Walkers

Roughly 20 laps of down and back equaled 1000 yards or run per pax.

Burpee Ball

  • Single, Double, Triple, 5 Merkins, 4 Merkins, 3 Merkins, 2 Merkins, 1 Merkin


  • Monkey Crunches x 30 SC
  • LBC x 20 IC
  • WWII x 10 SC
  • 3F
    • Flutter Kicks
    • Figure 8s
    • Freddie Mercuries
  • Hello Dolly x 15 IC
  • Homer to Marge x 10
    • Reverse Crunch x 10
    • Marge to Heaven x 10


  • Woody and Maneater seem to work better to the sound of #RhinestoneCowboy
  • Swayze and JR were masters of their craft. Maxing form on each repetition. No small feat when doing a thousand
  • Spike and Buck keep outdoing each other and are quite the father son tandem


  • F3 Gala Dec 10 – Sign up, attend, or donate. We have pax putting down money so we can all have a good time. Back them up
  • Prayers for Sacked who seems to be recovering well. Thanks to all the pax that are serving him and his family.


T-Rex took us out with a heartfelt message of #truth Aye! Brother


~ Big Mitt

PAX: minimal

QIC: yes