22 of Greensboro finest came to the Virginia boarder to give planks on this day of thanksgiving .  They were greeted with wonderfull Summerfield hospitality.  This is what went down.

Wicked took us for a mosey to school parking lot for some Warm-o-Rama or sprints not sure what to call it.  We ran at different energy levels we did A skips and karaoke.  This all lasted for 17 minutes or until the pax was warmed up.  We then moseyed to where it all went down.The amphitheater .


we were greeted with 5 different plank exercises where we were instructed to partner up.  Partner A would run down and up the hill why partner B started the exercise.  Had to complete until move to the next.

100 up down planks

100 Serratus push ups

100 plank rolls knee to elbow

150 plank hell clicks

150 plank jack shoulder taps

couple of sugar rays I had to give extra pain too and have them do a moving plank around the amphitheater .   Doesn’t allows pay to be first…..right JLove?

we finished up and moseyed back to shovel flag for MOM

Everestt delivered his 5 minute plank beat down through much thanks by the PAX

we finished with American Hammer.


Jingle bell run December 3rd.  www.kintera.org/far/home/default.asp?ievent=1160185  Join Kate’s caped crusaders or just donate to the cause.

December 10th 2nd annual f3prom.  Get your tickets

Spam took us out for COT

I am truly thankful for this group and this group of men.  Thank you wicked for the eh.


PAX: Xerox with guest Qs wicked and Everest

QIC: 11/24/2016