19 PAX including an FNG that missed his regularly scheduled military training session, posted for the Stampede.  Welcome FNG Diante Barnes – F3 Ramius.  The Stampede has become a staple for the F3 man during the week.  It was the first strictly running workout in F3 Greensboro and draws a loyal bunch every Thursday morning, rain or shine.  This is except for YHC…  YHC only posts to the Stampede when called upon to Q, or actually is training for a race which is once or twice a year tops.  On this Thursday YHC opted for the Stampede but with a twist.  If the traditional Stampede is moreof a conventional race, this Thursday we entered the Le Mans (pronounced Leh-Mohn) version of Stampede less the whole 24 hour thing… Le Mans is one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world and is often called the “Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency”…  With this in mind and an enthusiastic group in tow, below is the summary

Took off  from the park into Old Starmount to the frozen field area for some Warm-O-Rama…


  • SSHops x 25
  • Sun Gods x 20 forward / 20 reverse
  • Wind Mills x 20
  • Monkey Humpers x 20

Took off through Starmount banging a right on Brentwood.  Here the #SugarRays were released to get to Madison as fast as possible – Once on Madison every Pax instructed to execute 20 Merkins and plank for the 6.

PAX all headed East on Madison and runs until we get to W. Avondale with command of 20 Merkins once destination is reached.  Plank for the 6…  Awesome running demonstrated by Cummings, Tebow and Cheesy Poof – You boys are gonna be lights out for the Spring relay race.

We stroll down Avondale to wait, what to Friendly…  We’re crossing Friendly??  This is UNAUTHORIZED territory!  Mumblechatter reached a fever and near scaredy-cat pitch.  PAX began wild speculation if Whole Foods was open, and/or Tex & Shirley’s.   We continue on into the infamous Tuesday Shake Weight parking deck for the Le Mans endurance portion.

Partner Up for the following for partner A and B (Partner A takes of for a complete lap around the bottom of parking deck to relieve Partner B conducting the exercise – Flapjack and so it goes until all reps are completed

100 Merkins

175 LBC’s

200 Squats 

YHC calls an Omaha with a few Squats to spare and we take off back to enter into Starmount Forest via Avondale, and yes we crossed Friendly again…  We turn left on Edgewater and any PAX that has run at Stampede knows whats in store……  HOMEWOOD HILL.  The most feared hill in the county some say.  There are some longer, there are but a few with more incline, but Homewood Hill combines both length and a voluminous steep grade that pound for pound is the King of hills for running.  We hit it hard and since Amphibious refused to wait and Merkin it out like the rest of the PAX instructions were to chase him down and if he was passed would have to do Merkins at the top.  This gave PAX incentive to get up that hill.  Tclaps to Sully for his virgin appearance at the Stampede and hustling through the entire workout.

Mozy back to shovelflag for set of American Hammers.  YHC pushed us a little long today.  #Cobains for going a few minutes past our normal hard stop., but after all it is Le Mans.

Congrats to all PAX as you logged 4.1 miles in today’s evolutuion!!


  •  Tclaps to the 19PAX that entered the Le Mans
  • Big Tclaps to Sully and Ramius (former FNG).. Strong stuff out there with this workout
  • Dec 10th is 2nd annual F3 Christmas Gala/Prom/Celebration – Please see weblink and purchase tickets.  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/f3-christmas-galaprom2nd-f-celebration-tickets-29288607012
  • Dec 7th – 2nd F Convergence at Gate City Growlers to meet Judy of Judy’s Chair and to get her across the finish line

As always, my honor and privilege to lead…


PAX: Gunny

QIC: 11/17/16