How many toes does a Turkey Have Anyway?

23 Pax found out there would be 4 stations across greater Fisher Park. 3 of these brave PAX took off in splinter run to scale Everest Hill more times then imagined in 35 min.

After gather, intro and Pledge of Allegiance we moseyed to office parking lot for brief warm-o-rama.

Thankful to be moving but wishing it was warmer we completed:


Peter Parker 15 IC

Hold Plank

Money Humper (15 IC)

Deep Squat ( held for 30 sec)

Getting cooler we took off for:

Toe #1

At recently serviced and now really fresh air bathroom we took out 30 Dips / 30 Derkins then held 6″ plank and repeated with 20 Dips / 20 Derkins. A member of the PAX shared a note of thanks #PrivateScreening

Toe #2

After mosey to the basketball court streamside we lunged down. 10 had released merkins then crab walked back and held plank for 6. Since once was good another would be better. So we repeated. Another member of PAX shared note of thanks then we mounted up (minus the horse), ignored the curiously parked mini-van or was it a bubble window conversion van from 1987 parked in the gravel lot and made our way toward Battleground.

Toe #3

Partner up.

1)Partner A: Prisoner Get up Partner B: Run to corner by Cycle D’Oro ; 5 Burpee and return. Flap Jack

2) Partner A: Monkey Humper (curious sight especially to the handful of people that happened to be passing by at 5:55am. #TimingStinks. #needSunglasses). Partner B repeat run and Burpee fun.

SSH for the 6. That was a long SSH

Another note of thanks shared. Embarrassed Q. “Sifter” stronger than any man. Move on

Toe #4… OK some of you felt like you were with Cheesy Poof on the splinter run at this point but thanks for sticking with it. Run toward town on Battleground then left on Warton adjacent to Green Hill Cemetery. Continuous Burpee for 6 collection efforts.  Form Indian Run down Wharton to Victoria then east to Fisher park where 25 IC Merkins were called. The forth toe of the turkey is a bit of an odd one as shown by this jaunt then brief earth push. More thanks shared amid sweat and breath.

Reform Indian run and follow the slope down Cridland toward Latham and Mary already in progress.

A brief Low Slow Flutter and Hammer time ending the brisk morning of work. Better together and making room for not just the toes of the bird but a lot more. An honor to lead this morning in Thanksgiving for F3 and our freedom to gather, work, pray.




  • Friday 6:30am Convergence Down town (aka Daun Tauwn #Stillers)  at DaFunk Greensboro Children’s Museum. Work off the Turkey Leg. 50 min. Q care of Quicken and Kentucky Butterball (his turkey inspired energy source)
  • Saturday Rainbow Dash: new time 8am for this Saturday. Bring the family, it’s Family day. Work out turkey two group options:
    • 1) 10 and under 2.0. More fun and event focused. Water Balloons?!
    • 2) Ate to much need re-burn. #whatPain
  • F3 Christmas Party Elks Club. 10-Dec 7pm. Get your Christmas Suit ready. Ask Long Time for recommendations. While in grocery business now,  3 For 1 has secured option on some red and green crushed velvet and taking bookings this weekend with tailor. Why not?! Two floors of gather space complete with chow and band as well as Defib’s on spot solo Soul Train.
    • Sign up here:

COT: Defib took us out

PAX: Bird’s Nest, Cheddar, Corn Hole, Biff Niven FNG now “Flow”, Bundle, Ashley, Sugar Case, Minny Mouse, Avacado, Leverage, Graffiti, Valentine, Cheesy Poof, Quicken, Boy Wonder, Defib, Buck, Spike, Ozone, Jordache, War Eagle, J-Love

QIC: Explosion