Here is how it all went down: 5 brave cool brothers got together this am without any idea what was happening. No weights and I was prepared. We moseyed and did butt kickers, high knees and some striders to get the blood flow. The we went right into Side Straddle Hops 7’s, Homer and Marge (YES, WOjo we changed it up a bit), Copper head squats and Lt Dans,

NO weights came so we did the T.R.U.M.P 10 Turkish Get ups; 11 Ranger Merkins; 12 Upright rows with a buddy; 13 mountain climbers and the 14 plank jacks; some rinsed and repeated. The we ran up the stairs and ran around the building to the bottom. 5 Merkins and then up to the top. Ran around the building and 6 merkins at the stair well. ENOUGH of that and we then did an Ollie North down the stairs and the guy who carried PLANKED and the guy who was carried ascending testicles.

We chose some ab, leg, upper body and then more ab work and then got into MARY. Box cutters, I forgot the next one and then American hammers. Announcements : December 3 Raleigh Jingle bell run see to run or to make a donation. December 10 is the PROM and come and sign up. Gunney and Daphne came up with the cash so we have to do our share. Small Convergence is Thursday at 7:00 or 7:30 in Summerfield and check the site or the Q. 2.0 and kids invited Saturday and ask for more info or check the site for more info. DR. Phil took us out.

Good news and bad news: I got a new job and it is in Downtown Charlotte . For awhile I will stay Monday through Friday and then return to the boro. Been here since 1998 and LOVE the boro but it is time for a change. Still in North Carolina and not leaving the state ! THANKS for allowing me to Q and carpe diem- LIFE is short.


PAX: Hot Cocoo, Daisy, Wojo. Boy Wonder and me. Snookie

QIC: Snookie