Slummy Balboa, a small-time municipal employee from working-class Greensboro, was arbitrarily chosen to take on the reigning world heavyweight champion, Amphibious Creed, when Creed’s undefeated scheduled opponent is injured. While training with feisty former bantamweight contender Gunny Goldmill, Slummy tentatively begins a relationship with Amphibious, the wallflower sister of his meat-packer pal Bulldog. And then this happens…

Warm up

After some mumble chatter erupted due to a 2 minute delay in start time the Balboa led the Pax into some Imperial Walkers, Plank Jacks, Sun Gods and capped it off with Chanuks. To keep spirits up and warm Balboa took the wee little Pax on a 1 Mile Mosey into the belly of government quarter and back to the AO. The kids were instructed to partner up. Balboa is not to good wit da math you know, so there wuz a litt’l confusion if you know what I mean, aye! But somehow it all worked out and the Slummy squad completed the following test of manhood.

From Point A to Point B (Pax partnered up and were asked to scale and substitute based on ability and timeline)

#1 Burpee Jacks (Burpee into 3 Side Straddle Hops) x20 into Wheel Barrows (switch on the way back) Burpee Jacks x20

#2 NC Dry Docks x25 into Wheel Barrows (switch on the way back) Dry Docks x25

#3 Water Boys (Slap Hands Merkins) x30 into Wheel Barrows (switch on the way back) Water Boys x30

Balboa had do his running thing to keep it sort of #MURPHY, so he drove the Italian Stallions on to complete another 1 Mile Mosey with a little extra credit visit to Local Honey AO and back to the Arise AO, because some of the kids got lost along the way.

After the Pax were finally warmed up, we entered the Circle of Bliss and joined the Universe in eternal happiness as we enter full Super Nova mode (Pax circle up almost shoulder to shoulder and go full Rocky with left hand on the right shoulder of the man to his right x10 Rocky Merkins then with right hand on the left shoulder of the man to his left x10 Rocky Merkins in cadence).

Finally Mary decided to join us and not a minute too late. She asked us to… Freddy Mercurys x20, USA Hammers x20 and Warrior Pose I into Warrior Pose II in honor of Wicked (Left leg forward then Right for a minute each). Pax volunteered 5 Burpees OYO while Q rangled his mobile internet machine from his iron chariot.

Magic called for Q’s for Arise, Gunny talked about Christmas Gala on Dec. 10 (free drinks were not promised to SL’s dismay), Uptown Funk convergence, Saturday Convergence.

SL prayed it out. BOM.




PAX: Gunny, Amphibious, Magic, Bulldog, Hack Man Don’t You Know, Leverage, Thurmanator, Nancy, Graffiti.

QIC: Slum Lord