Pax of 9 gathered to go back in time where we all said we wanted to be Kurt Cobain, but secretly we really wanted to be part of a boy band!  This is how the time warp went:


Started off backwards in honor of Kris Kross


American Hammer x 20

Low Flutters x 20

Crunchy Frog x 20

Cindy Crawford x 15 – both sides

Heels to Heaven x 15

Mosey around the parking lot to buses.


Warm up: with music, of course!

Side Straddle Hops x 20

Windmills x 20

Sun gods Forwards x 15

Sun gods Backwards x 15

Hillbillies x 20


The Workout:

MC Hammer slides – 1 minute

House of Pain Jump Around Squats x 20

2 Pac set – 2 Lunges, 2 Squats x 20

Bust-a-move Sprints – 10 down and back


Mosey to the basketball court and pick up a block.


Curls x 25

Overhead press x 25

Straight arm raise x 15

Tricep extensions x 25


Mosey to playground.


Burpees x 15

Mountain Climbers x 40

Plank jacks x 30

Peter Parkers x 20

MMM Bop Round (10 of each exercise):

Merkin – regular

Merkin – wide

Merkin – diamond


One-leg squat


One Lap around short parking lot and repeat.

Mosey back to bball court for announcements and COT.



  • December 10 – F3 Ball


COT:  Profit prayed us out praying for a submissive spirit to the will of God.

PAX: 145

QIC: Rubble, Gold Digger, Drysdale, Secretariat, Dean, Elroy, Profit, Smokey, and Danica