From Bulldog:
I knew I was in trouble when I have to Q workout on Thursday, because I went to Quaker on Monday, Arise on Tuesday, Slamming Sammy on Wednesday. Come Thursday morning, YHC was already semi-smoked. Nevertheless YHC is determined to deliver the PAX a beating to remember. I’m thankful that Don’t Cha Know came because he heard I was Q’ing! Its funny how I never planned to work out much more than twice a week, but then Cornhole got me to go to Arise on Tuesday. Then I tried to get Flo to come on Sweat Angel and then I signed for for Q’ing Sweat Angel, and now Don’t Cha Know is checking out Sweat Angel—a beautiful, intertwining and interwoven tapestry of beatdowns.
WARMARAMA: 4 minutes of plank exercises. While in plank I challenged PAX to say the F3 mission, which Long Time volunteered, “F3’s mission is to plant, grow, serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.” While still in plank, we did plank jacks, 6 inches ring of fire, side hip raises, merkin ring of fire.
THANG #1 SQUATS with light/core exercises in between, all in cadence
30x squat without weights —> 20x Don Quixote
30x squat w weights —-> 20x toy soldier
15x Lt Dan w weights —-> 15 string ripper
30x air press and squat —-> 20x calf raises
30x box pick up (P90X, pick up “box” on the ground to the left and place on shelf to the right) —-> 20x imperial walker
30x box pick up opposite
(there were some mumble chatter on why we have to lift weights in cadence, YHC humbly suggested that it was because some PAX have not been so honest with their reps, trying to take it easy—to which Snooki and Long Time became very indignant with shouts of “No!” or “Oh Really?!”)
10 count by Jitterbug
THANG #2 bicep/tricep/back with core exercises in between, mostly in cadence
25x bicep curl —-> super man 30 count
25x bicep curl —-> super man sweat angel 10 count
25x tricep curl —-> super man red sun 15x
25x tricep curl —-> swimmer 10x
25x back pull left side —-> sit ups with weights 15x
25x back pull right side
SONG TIME: Bring Sally Up with plank, “up”/”down” is the up/down of merkin. PAX strongly objected to this, and we endured for maybe just 1 and half minute before we switched the up/down with marge/homer. Flo was visibly frustrated that this song lasted for 7 minutes, to which I showed him only 3 minutes had passed. There was so much hatred I think it would be good to come back to it in a later time ūüôā
20x side hip raises, left and then right side
20x cindy, left then right (Led by Snowflake)
20x LSF
15x Hammer Time, with weights
3rd F after this, group reading book by Tim Keller, Every Good Endeavor,
Fannie: Christmas lighting workshop
Fannie: another AO underway
Stage Fright: praise, for his dad moving to NC closer to him. Need some advise on alternative TV options.
Matlock: this weekend him and dauggter are performing in north carolina theater
Long Time: Nancy has Q week after thanksgiving, convergence with Summerfield AO on thanksgiving. Tclaps to all who shows up on Thanksgiving!!
Matlock prayed us out for COT

PAX:¬†Snookie RESPECT!, Snowflake RESPECT!, Long Time, Fannie, Don’t Cha Know RESPECT!, Matlock, Hoser, Flo, Jitterbug RESPECT!, Scobby Doo RESPECT!, Stage Fright

QIC: Bulldog