When an IR’d CHiPs says, “Jump!” YHC shouts, “Aye!” and, as it turned out, so does Matlock and a PAX of 34. It was prop day at Cornwallis’s Nightmare as YHC put out the call on the Twittersphere to BYOB. In this case, that 2nd “B” stood for Bike”. #MumbleChatter

Low & behold, the PAX answered the call and we had enough Bikes to go around for the first installment of the BYOB Relay. It went down like this:

Mosey from the #ShovelFlag to the gate alongside the bikes. Looked like a bunch of fools that didn’t understand how bikes work. Circle up for the:

Warm-a-Rama (Matlock on the Q)

Burpee Circle throughout


Imperial Walkers



Monkey Humpers

Count off in teams of 4 (size doesn’t matter). The Lesson Plan:

Partner #1 stays at the intersection/shelter

Partner #2 1/2 mile mosey (counterclockwise) to the lakeside playground parking lot

Partner #3 1/2 mile mosey (clockwise) to the highpoint of the lake

Partner #4 1 full loop around the lake on the bike to buy time for the runners to get to stations

*after the first lap, the bike rider hands off the bike and relieves at station #1. The New rider rides to station #2 and relieves. So on and so forth…

This all looked good on paper.

Then, we wandered off into the gloom for:

The Thang (Tommy Boy on the Q)

Station 1 :: Tabata Be Kidding Me

30 seconds @ 100% effort, 15 seconds of rest


Pickle Pushers

Diamond Merkins



American Hammer

180° Squat Jumps

Wide Merkins



Station #2 :: Planksgiving & Sprints

60 sec. Plank

60 sec. Wall Sit

60 sec. Elbow Plank

60 sec. Balls to the Wall

*after each exercise, run a lap up and around the parking lot

Station #3 :: Countdown Beatdown

100 squats

90 LBCs

80 Mt. Climbers

70 Lunges

60 Freddy Mercurys

50 Low Slow Flutters

40 Calf Raises

30 WWII Sit-ups

20 Merkins

10 Burpees

Omaha and regroup at the Shovel Flag for:

6MOM (Matlock on the Q)

While the PAX moseyed in from all corners of the AO, Matlock led a session of Planksgiving variations and Plyometric Strength Poses. Then into:

Xs & Os

American Hammers


1. Planksgiving on Turkey Day in Summerfield (convergence of The Murph & Sweat Angel) from 0600-0700

2. Check the Service Backblast for the details on the Grace Community Service Meals; sign up.

3. Judy’s Chair fundraiser event- 12/7 @ Gate City Growlers w/ very special guest, Judy!

4. Blood Drive 1/8 @ Cycles de Oro

5. The F3 Natville Gear Portal is open. Go HERE to order ASAP. We need 12 of each screen (white or gold) in order to complete a printing run. Get busy; the portal ends NEXT Sunday!

6. F3 Prom- 12/10 @ The Elks Lodge $30/person

7. Jungle Bell Run- 12/3 in Raleigh. Sign up and/or support Kate’s Caped Crusaders (Wojo’s 2.) HERE. every $ counts for this important cause!

8. Wizard of Oz (featuring several F3 PAX & 2.0s)- Sat. 2PM & 7PM; Sun. 2PM @ Carolina Theatre. Tix available HERE

9. Special 3rd F- Open discussion led by Wicked & Hush Puppy on the Adam Brown story, “Fearless”  this Sunday @ 7PM; 5500 Old Brandt Trace. These leadership principles are as old as time and worth the study.


#TClaps to the PAX for allowing YHC to try something completely new today. Sure, it was a bit rough at first, but the opportunity to push ourselves in new ways is, ultimately, never a bad thing. YHC appreciates you trusting him with your #DRP.

#TClaps to Matlock for double dipping; 0600 Ruck + 0700 Co-Q. Aye!

NOTE: although entertaining, the official video for Queen’s, “Bicycle” is most certainly NSFW.

YHC took us out.

Always an honor and a joy to serve you guys in the gloom,

Tommy Boy

PAX: 11/19/16

QIC: avatar_box