14 Pax gathered in the gloom for an oldie but a goodie, Marathon of Pain and it went something like this;


SSH x20, Merkins x20, SunGods 2×20, Rippers x20

The Thang:

26 exercises separated by 100 yard dash. The pax started at  #1 and worked their way up to #26 with the 100 yard dash separating each exercise. The Sugar Rays of the Pax were rewarded by working their way back down from #26-1.

1x Burpee, 2xBurpee, 3x AirMerkins, 4x LBC, 5x Chin Ups, 6x LowSlow, 7x CarolinaDryDock, 8x CrunchieFrog, 9x Chinups, 10x American Ham, 11x JackWebb, 12x Squats, 13x Derkins, 14x HighSlo, 15x KneeRaises, 16x Freddie Mercury, 17x Burpees, 18x Lunges, 19x Squats, 20x ImperWalk, 21x BodyWeightRow, 22x MtClimbers, 23x Dips, 24x Squats, 25x Derkins, 26x LBC’s

Wash & Rinse!!!

6 Min of Mary

LBC x10, Low Slow x10, American Ham x10

Mole Skin;

The pax said goodbye to one of their own this week when Spicolli from Swamp Rabbit passed after a long battle with Cancer. Our prayers go out to his family and F3 Brothers.

Dec 3rd, Kate’s Cape Crusaders will once again be raising money and awareness for those affected by Arthritis. Please reach out to Wojo for details on how you can support this brave young lady!! Please find a link below to donate:


Dec 7th, Gate City Growlers will be hosting us as we recognize and support Judy’s Chair. Judy will be joining us this night. We are more than half way to our $10,000 goal, which will provide Judy the ability to repair her wheelchair, which is her only means of moving! Please help us reach this goal. Reach out to ButtFumble or Amphibious for more details.

Dec 10th 7-11pm at the Elks Club, F3 Greensboro 2nd Annual Gala- Dust off those powder blues and join us for a night you wont forget. Food, Refreshments, DJ and cash bar all await you! Please look inside your emails for an online invitation. Its not mandatory but you will have to do 1 million burpees if you don’t come!!! Please reach out to YHC Daphne or Gunny for more details.

Always an honor to lead!



PAX: Hazmat, Gstring, Boedette, Dontyaknow, Cornhole, Redcoat, Pinto, Refi, Wojo, Amphibious, Lynda, Boatshow, Bulldog and YHC Daphne

QIC: Daphne