Flash – Flash 100 yard Dash



20 – Side Straddle Hop

20 – Monkey Humpers

20 – Windmills


Short mosey to ECC parking lot


20 –Mountain Climbers

No Recover

20 – Peter Parkers

No Recover

20 – Parker Peters


Short Mosey to the New Bridge Ballpark auxiliary parking lot.


The Thang:


PAX partnered up for 100 yards for dash. Four corner set-up, with cones marking each corner. Partner A started at the Northeast cone for to go first on the 100 yard exercise. Partner B, started across the parking lot at the Northwest cone. Partner A did sets of: 1 pair of lunges, 1 broad jump, 1 burpee; then 2 pair of lunges, 2 broad jumps, 2 burpees; then 3 pair of lunges, 3 broad jumps, 3 burpees; Etc, until they reached Partner B at the other end of the 100 yards. While Partner A was completing the dash, Partner B did the first posted exercise. Once Partner A completed the dash, it was Partner B’s turn to go from the Northwest cone to the Northeast cone. Partner A then loop around the square back to their starting place to complete the first posted exercise. The dash and loop continued, until Omaha was called. Each partner completed a 4×100 dash.

Posted Exercises:

Low Dolly

Jack Webbs

Air Claps

Carolina Dry Docks


5 MOM:

20 – LBCs

10 – Homer & Marge

20 – Low Slow Flutters

15 – American Hammers


Amphibious – December 8th second F convergence at Gate City Growlers

Magic – Qs for December needed at Arise

Gunny – December 10th F3 Christmas Party at Elks Club in Greensboro

Bodett – Update on Sacked, who is doing well after his surgery. Sign-up genius will be going around for meals

Crawlspace – He will be doing Disney Half Marathon in January and is raising funds for PPMD, Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, to help with Girth’s son, Matthew.

PAX: 149

QIC: Bulldog, Mozart, Bodett, Amphibious, Old Bay, Macgyver, Crawlspace, Cornhole, Magic, Cavity, Gunny, Nancy, Leverage (Q)