First and most importantly, I want to apologize to the pax that showed up at Natty’s Hump this morning on-time at 0-Gloom-30.  One thing YHC loves about F3 is the respect for the pax time – we start on time, and we end on time.  I violated that respect by being late, and for that, there is no excuse.

Thank you Tommy Boy for saving my bacon, and taking the pax through Warmorama.  As the tardy Q was setting up the Thang circuits, I do not have the exercise line-up, but can tell you that there were a few sets of 5 burpees OYO (a Tommy Boy favorite).


The Thang: The pax broke up into 6 teams, and each went to 1 of 6 circuit stations.  They then rotated thru the stations until time was called.  The stations consisted of:

Station #1:  15 step-ups each leg, 30 dips & 15 Cindy Crawford’s on each side.  The pax then mosey’d to Station #2.

Station #2: 10 pull-ups, 30 switch stance pick-ups & 40 LBC’s (single count).  The pax then mosey’d to Station #3.

Station #3: 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 30 lunges (single leg count) & 40 Low Dollies (single count).  The pax then bear crawled to Station #4.

Station #4: 30 paver curls, 30 Wojo squats & 40 High Dollies (single count).  The pax then crab waled to Station #5.

Station #5: 30 paver overhead tricep extensions, 15 hot foot crosses on each leg & 40 LSF’s.  The pax then standing broad jumped to Station #6.

Station #6: 20 Lt. Dan’s, 30 plank jack’s & 40 WWII sit-ups (some of the teams were instructed to do 30 instead).  The pax then mosey’d back to Station #1 for some rinsing & repeating until time was called at 6:05.  At that point, the pax Omaha’d back to the shovel flag for 6MOM.

Mary: 15 in & out’s (in cadence), 15 Freddy Mercury’s (in cadence), 15 Crunchy Frogs (in cadence), 15 cross-leg sit-up’s (single count), 15 Pfeiffer Scissors (in cadence) & 15 American Hammers (in cadence).

Announcements:  Unfortunately, your YHC/Q recorded over the name-o-rama and announcements in an effort to get Midlife’s email address.  So, if any of the pax want to email me ( the announcements they made, I will add them to this back blast.

Slum Lord took us out with a prayer.

Thanks to the pax for allowing me to partially q this morning.  And, again, I am so sorry for being late.  It will not happen again.

PAX: Thurmanator & Tommy Boy (thanks again!!)

QIC: 11/16/16