Today’s version of the Starmount Stampede featured 13 PAX looking to build on speed and strength. After a brief disclaimer, recognition of an FNG amongst us and a comment of thankfulness to be back on the Q after two broken arms and no more excuses, YHC took to the task in a hurry knowing the mileage he wanted to cover in the gloom on this clear morning .

Warm o Rama:

Don Quixote x 15

Side straddle hop x 20

Monkey Humpers x 20

The Thang:

Mosey from basketball court north up Beverly to Starmount Drive where we headed west on Starmount Dr across Holden Rd continuing on Starmount Dr for a brief stop at Sam Snead Dr.

YHC then announced to everyone’s delight (plenty of mumble chatter) the return of pyramid intervals.

15 sec at 85% effort, 15 sec recovery, rinse & repeat 3 times

30 sec at 85%, 30 sec recovery, rinse & repeat 3 times

45 sec at 85%, 45 sec recovery, rinse & repeat 3 times

60 sec at 85%, 60 sec recovery, rinse & repeat 3 times

Pyramid intervals stretched north to the end of Starmount Drive next heading east down Madison, crossing Holden and staying straight on Madison. Pax reached the first 60 sec mark at 85% with a huge effort by all and had a short recover mosey until we reached the Homewood Hill. A few suggested we were headed in the wrong direction as we turned our mosey north and previewed the monster of a hill we all know to well. PAX reached the bottom and turned to take on the hill. Simply put, but with extreme effort we went Up and Down and Back up a 2nd time when PAX were instructed to take it home to the shovel flag back at the friendly confines of Lindley Park. All Pax did a Fantastic job today logging 4 miles and the awareness of all to pick up the 6 was a great sign of togetherness and no man left behind.  Refi sets the segment record on Strava for the Homewood Hill and welcomes any challengers. Great job!

All were glad to reach Shovel Flag.

Pressed for time we went right into


LBC’s x 20

Low Slow Flutter x 15

American Hammer x 20


*Welcome to FNG Matthew Bradley – Cheese Curd!! Great to have join the PAX! Hope to see you again soon!

* F3 Greensboro’s Two Year Celebration Convergence this Saturday, 10-29-2016, at 7 am @ Spencer Love / Cornwallis’ Nightmare; 2.0 friendly, opportunity to do the Ruck workout beforehand.

* CheesyPoof has carried and built the Starmount Stampede as Site Q for a year.  He has done a tremendous job and helped to make this a PAX favorite each week.  After a delayed passing of the torch due to breaking of arms Tebow is set to take on this great workout and continue to grow and expose this AO to all PAX. MANY MANY THANKS CheesyPoof! Well done brother!

Q’s for December needed for Starmount Stampede see or email Tebow.


Stinky Cheese took us out in prayer – Thanks brother

Honored to lead!  Thanks!


PAX: Tebow

QIC: 10-27-2016