Six Pax gathered under the super moon for some chilly interval work at Greensboro Day School. After a brief disclaimer, we moseyed to the track for


We moseyed around a lap and then did another lap of high knees and butt kickers. Speaking of butt kickers, this is about when Wicked rolled in and jumped right in to the mix for

The Thang

Today we did the following ladder with a 400m recovery in between each leg:







This left just enough time for a cool down lap and a mosey back to the flag for

1 Minute of Mary

We did some stretching and then some American Hammers x 25 IC.

COT: Wicked took us out.


Sacked did well in surgery and is due home soon.

Drizzle’s M is having neck surgery on Thursday, pray for good outcome and quick healing.

It was an honor to run with the Pax this morning. Tclaps to Polo for coming out to give it a try. Also welcome to Corner Office who recently relocated from Charlotte area. Fast young legs gave Wicked something to chase today.


PAX: 149

QIC: 11/15/16