22 PAX started their week the right way by posting for the Latham Grinder.  After brief introductions, disclaimers, and a cursory search for the super moon (must have been obscured by clouds…) I-Beam took a party of 3 on a splinter run while YHC engaged remainder of the PAX in the warmup:

  • SSH x 25
  • Sun Gods sobriety style x 15 each direction
  • Windmill x 20
  • Rockette Squats x 20

And then moseyed to the steps of the famed First Pres Church for the THANG:

  • Partner up.  size and speed doesn’t matter.
  • Partner A begins exercise 1 at the bottom of the stairs
  • Partner B bear crawls to the top of the steps and performs 10 merkins.   then run down the stairs and relieve Partner A.
  • Partner B does exercise 1 while Partner A bear crawls up the steps and does his 10 merkins.
  • Work your way down the list, one exercise at a time:
    • 1.  Burpees
    • 2.  Monkey Humpers
    • 3.  Air Claps
    • 4.  Unbalanced Squats
    • 5.  Carolina Dry Docks
    • 6.  Field Goal Blocks

The PAX made it about 1.5 times through the list before time was called.

Form two lines for an Indian run back to the shovel flag for 6MOM:

  • Dying Cockroach
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps
  • Crunchy Frog
  • Upward Dog (look for the super moon!)
  • Plank for 10, 6 inches for 10
  • Close it out with the classic:  American Hammer


  • Try the Rainbow Dash AO.  Great workout.  7am saturday.  Mendenhall Middle School.  There will be a family workout the Saturday after thanksgiving.
  • Inside Voices needs PAX.  Spread the word and keep this AO alive
  • Convergence with Lunatic Fringe and Uptown Funk – Friday after Thanksgiving.  Downtown (Uptown Funk AO) Tentative start at 7am and go for an hour.
  • Wojo and Bedbug’s grandfather passed away recently; be thinking about Wojo and Bedbug.
  • Crab Legs has info on a big community meal to bring together police officers and members of the African American community.  if you know police officers please let them know about the event or send them to Crab Legs for more info.

Woody took us out with a reminder to embrace the day, to have courage to speak up when we need help, and have the courage to reach out to each other when we can tell someone needs help.

Nice work men!


PAX: 177

QIC: Crab Legs, Don’t Ya Know, Bird’s Nest, G-String, Explosion, Leverage, I-Beam, Quicken, Buck, Cheesy Poof, Valentine, JR, Bobber, Woody, Defib, Scooby Doo, War Damn Eagle, Avocado, Captain Ron, Graffiti, Spike,