F3 fitness, fellowship and faith. Plant grown and serve male groups for the invigoration of male community. Let’s Mosey and here is how it all went down:

We ran (use this term loosely) with lighter dumbbells. Butt kickers, high knee, and line DOODLES (one of the PAX named it) were next. We then circled up for 7’s; squats, mountain climbers,Imperial squat walkers, Low slow flutters, lunges and X’s and O’s. Then we counted off by 2’s- a challenge but we were successful in the endeavor. Up the hill with lighter weights, Indian run style and we learned how to take a Heart rate without a MODERN gizmo to do it.

Up the stairs: 1’s performed LOW SLOW flutters, Homer/Marge and Hillbillies 50 and 2’s did Lunges, squats and Mountain climbers for, we tried for 60. Then another Mosey with DOODLES and onto Mary for Matlock leading Up and unders, (not in the lexigon), Slum Lord lead Freddie Mercuries and then superman/Bananas. DOWNSTAIRS for ascending testicles, wall chair and then PLANKS.

MARY- Mike Tysons, Shoulder tap merkins and then announcements (SLum Lord e-mail), Sacked is on the mend and Matlock as an outstanding tree in the the Wizard of Oz performance at the Carolina downtown. Prayers for WOJO and Bed Bug on the lose of their grandfather and especially their Mom’s concerns. THANK YOU for allowing me to lead this group

PAX: Slum Lord, Matlock, Crab legs, Hot Cocoa, Streamer, and the Q Snookie

QIC: Snookie