It was almost time for a 2 minute warning but I would have been talking to myself. Not another pax around at 0655. Would I go home, would I drive to another one of the 5 other Saturday options (problematic), or just do a sad clown coffeteria and feel sorry for myself. Luckily some cars start coming in hot and I don’t have to choose. Spike, Buck and JR’s clown car doubles our pax count and its ON!

7 vets and Deuce at the flag by 0700. No intro needed with these bad asses. They all know the deal… Deuce has even figured out how to do his business on the outskirts of the AO so the pax don’t step in it.  so we mosey back around the practice fields to the basketball court for

Warm Up


Imperial Walkers IC X 15

SunGods F IC X 10, Air Claps IC X 10, SunGods B IC X 10

Exercise formerly known as Windmills IC X 10

Hand Release Merkin IC X 10

Copperhead Squat IC X 15

Mosey back to the front of the School for


We use the long parking lot median as our loop which was approx. .25 mi. Do the exercise and run a lap. Rinse and repeat for 3 full circuits.


-15 Burpees

-20 Diamond Merks

-20 WW2’s

-20 Merkins

-20 Scorpion Dry Docks

Mosey to the half wall behind school for 11’s with Box Jumps/ Dips. Done together as a group.

Pax are still hungry so a Quarter Pounder is served up on the football field.

-Run to 25 yrd line, 25 Side Straddle Squats – Back peddle back to goal line

-run to 50 yrd line, 50 Shoulder TAPs- Back peddle to goal line

-run to 75, 75 mountain climbers- Back peddle to goal line

-run to 100, 100 Side Straddle hops- Back peddle to goal line

LBC’s for the 6

3 Minutues of Mary

2 Flutter Kicks/ 1 Freddy Merc- 4 Flutters/ 2 Freddy Mercs- 6 Flutters/ 3 Freddy Mercs…etc going to 12 Flutters and 6 Freddy’s. All in cadence.

Awesome effort by the Pax of RD. Here where your totals- 3.44 miles, 45 burps, 60 Diamond Merks, 60 WW2’s, 60 Merkins, 60 Sc Dry Docks, 55 Dips, 55 box jumps, 25 SS Squats, 50 S Taps, 75 MClimbers, 145 SSH’s. Would anyone be able to do this by themselves in an hour? Not me. Thanks for posting and pushing each other..

Announcements/ Moleskin

  • 5 posted at Coffeteria for some excellent 2nd F.
  • JR ,Buck and Spike where killing it out there. They made sushi of the  SharkNado. T-Claps. Thanks for not rubbing it in as you lapped the Q.
  • This is an awesome AO. Keep coming out and let Woody or I know if you want to Q. We are looking for some new leaders to step into the circle.
  • Thanks to Mini Me for his evil mind on wo ideas Shark Nado, Blue Indians, Beasts  ! And to Carterico’s favorite Weasel Shaker Jang A Lang for making me get this BB out even though it wasn’t in Carterco… and then for making me edit it cause I forgot the pax and to give him full credit for Quarter Pounder and 11’s !!

COT- JR took us out with a great prayer. Remembered and prayed for the guys injured and sick who cannot be out here with us and that we can shine our light on others.

It was an honor and pleasure leading and getting to know you better at Coffeteria.




PAX: Gilligan

QIC: 11/12/16