16 PAX arrived between 0521 and 0530 ready to take on the gloom for the occasion of Virus VQ!  Those who thought a bum knee could slow a man down were sadly mistaken… and all were challenged by their underestimation of Virus’ fortitude!

The morning went something like this:


  • Virus flying solo led the PAX through a quick round of Sun Gods, Reverse Sun Gods, Wind Mills, Imperial Walkers and Merkins before getting into..


A tag-team effort between Virus and YHC in a variety of cadence, no particular order:

    1. Curls
    2. Hammer Curls
    3. Tricep Extensions
    4. Bent over Rows
    5. Upright Row
    6. Double-Wides
    7. Lunges
    8. Bear Crawl
    9. Crab Walk
    10. Derkins
    11. Irkins
    12. Squats
    13. Al Gore
    14. Calf Raises
    15. American Sledgehammer
    16. WWII Sit Ups
    1. Toy Soldiers
    2. Imperial Squat Walker
    3. Mike Tyson
    4. Mr Miyagi
    5. Peter Parker
    6. Parker Peter
    7. 6-inches + Straight Arm Pullover
    8. Roman Dead Lift
    9. John Travolta
    10. Downward Dog (BROGA) –> Carolina Dry Docks
    11. Kettlebell Swing
    12. Lunge & Twist
    13. Toe-Walk Weight Carry (’round the circle)
    14. Plank Rows
    15. Concentration Curls
    16. Alternate Shoulder Press

6 MOM … Led by Virus, with a few cameo cadence leads!

  • Freddy Mercury (Long TIme)
  • LBC
  • Low Slow Flutter (Thanks Jitterbug!)
  • Box Cutters (Thanks CJ!)
  • American Hammer


  • Sacked having surgery Monday.  Please look out for sign-up genius to bring meals.
  • December 3-  Jingle Bell Run in Raleigh.  Watch out for Kate’s Caped Crusaders.  Join the team (Wojo’s daughter is champion for the run this year!), or DONATE.
  • Bodett giving away 40 x 40# SANDBAGS… You haul!  Twitter handle: @ChrisM_F3Bodett
  • 3rd F – starting new book today – always time to join us!  Studying Timothy Keller’s Every Good Endeavor.  A must read for those interested in taking work and/or faith to the next level… Aye!


Thanks as always for the opportunity to lead!  It was an honor to share the Q with Virus on his one-and-only VQ!!!  Great Job Virus and all!

Long Time

PAX: Virus (VQ) and Long Time

QIC: 11/10/2016