34 PAX joined Gunny and Leverage for the crowd favorite workout on the Bellemeade Parking Deck Corkscrew coupled with group circuit workouts on the top deck.


25 – Side Strap Hop

25 – Crab Cakes


PAX were instructed to leave City Center Park by our favorite security guard. Short mosey to the Bellemeade Parking deck and up the exterior stairs to the top to finish.


25 – Mountain Climbers

25 – Should Taps

15 – Monkey Humpers

15 – Ranger Push-ups


The Thang:

PAX broke out into four groups, one group at each corner of the parking deck. Group one started at the corkscrew and they were the ‘trigger group’ for the workout. Group two started at the ab station, group three at the leg station and group four at the arm/chest station. Group one started the circuit by running down the corkscrew and back up it. The other three groups worked through each station’s posted exercises. When group one arrived back to the top of the corkscrew they ran over to relieve group two at station two. Group two then relieved group three, and three relieved group four. Group four then took their turn running the corkscrew. The circuit continued until the Q called time at 6:05 am. PAX then moseyed as group down the corkscrew and back to the shovel flag.


Station 1



Station 2 (Single Count)

40 LBCs

40 Low Dolly

40 High Dolly

40 Low Slow Flutters

40 Window Washers

40 WWII Sit-ups


Station 3 (Single Count)

40 Lunges

40 Toy Soldiers

40 Plankjacks

40 Mountain Climbers

40 Wojo Squats

40 Imperial Walkers


Station 4 (Single Count)

40 Merkins

30 Flock of Seagulls (Each arm) with bricks

40 Carolina Dry Docks

30 Curls (Each Arm) with bricks

40 Shoulder Taps

30 Shoulder Press with bricks


4 MOM:


25 – LBCs

25 – Low Slow Flutters

15 – Cindy Crawfords (each side)

20 – American Hanners




Gunny – Second Annual F3 Christmas Party December 10th at 7 pm at the Greensboro Elk’s Club.



PAX: Leverage

QIC: 11/04/16