7 real men (6 pax + the Q) showed up at Cougar Town on a crisp fall Saturday morning for some 1st F.

At 6:30 sharp, we mosey’d around the school to the track for the Warmorama, which consisted of 20 SSH, 15 Sun Gods (wind & unwind), 15 Chinooks (wind & unwind), 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 Hillbillies, 15 Windmills & 15 String Rippers.

We then mosey’d to the center of the track for Thang #1, which consisted of:

Partner A doing dips & step-ups (switching when his partner finished the first 1/2 of a lap) while Partner B ran a lap around the track.  Partners A & B flip flopped, and then rinsed & repeated the whole tham ding. Then the pax ran to the other side of the track to repeat the fun, except that we did derkins & alternating shoulder taps.

We then mosey’d back to the front of the school for Thang #2, which consisted of a circuit of 4 stations laid out in a square.  In the middle of the square was the center station.  So the pax divided up, and attacked Thang #2 with reckless abandon (and very little mumble chatter).  Station #1 required 20 merkins, 30 switch stance pick-ups (borrowed from P90X Plyo), 40 LBC’s, and then bear crawl to center station for 5 burpees.  Then, backward ran to Station #2 which required 20 Carolina dry docks, 30 lunges (single count), 40 low dollies & then crab walked to center station for 5 burpees. Then, backwards ran to Station #3 which required 30 paver curls (about 20 lbs.), 30 Wojo squats (single count), 40 high dollies & then standing broad jumped to center station for 5 burpees. Then, backwards ran to Station #4 which required 30 paver overhead presses, 30 hot foot crosses (single count), 40 LSF’s & then alternated 1-leg bounds to center station for 5 burpees.  The pax rinsed & repeated until time was called.

Mary consisted of 13 in & outs (in cadence), 13 Freddy Mercury’s (in cadence), 13 crunchy frogs (in cadence), 15 cross leg sit-ups (single count), 20 Pfeiffer Scissors (in cadence) & 15 American Hammers (in cadence).

Announcements:  TPS filled the pax in on all the festive reasons we should attend the F3 holiday party on 12/10 at the Elk’s Lodge.  Udders asked the pax to pray for EPA’s father-in-law, who is having open heart surgery next week.

Wolverine closed the workout with a prayer.

Thanks Cougar Town pax.  It was an honor to lead the workout this morning!!

PAX: 128

QIC: 11/12/16