38 Pax including 5 FNGs joined for a fantastic Veteran’s Day morning in downtown Greensboro. At gather, YHC provided a welcome and explanation of the mission and purpose of F3 as a refresher to not only the “old-timers” in the group, but also our large crew of new guys joining the PAXfrom Greensboro’s Finest – the Greensboro Police department – before their morning shift kicked off.  We also welcomed Mini-me, who joined from F3 Isotope on a visit from Greensboro – “I’m from corporate. I am here to help”.

We moseyed across Church St to the entrance to Lebauer Park.  In honor of Veteran’s Day, we “formed up” into 4 equal lines and “double-timed” to Center City park for warm-a-rama.

Along the way we sang some F3 inspired cadenced to get the juices flowing and experience a little military heritage:

  • Left, Left, Lefty, Righty, Lo, Right
  • Lo, Righty, Left, Right,
  • Lefty Righty Low Right
  • We love to Doubletime.
  • C-130 Rolling Down the Strip
  • F3 Brothers gonna take a little trip
  • Stand-up, buckel-up, Shuffle to the door
  • Jump right out, and shout “Marine Corps”


  • Mama Mama, cant you see?
  • What F3 has done to me
  • Used to wake at 6 am
  • Occasionally I’d hit the gym
  • Now I’m up a click before 5
  • Yes, i’m loud and make you cry
  • I workout with my borthers in the rain and cold
  • Some of us are young and some of us are old
  • Lo, Righty, Left, Right…..


We circled up in Center City Park and executed the following exercises:

  1. 25 x Side straddle hops
  2. 15 x Sobriety Sun Gods (ea leg / ea way)
  3. 15 x Chinooks
  4. 20 x Copperhead Squats
  5. 15 x Copperhead lunges (ea way)

In the midst of the warm-a-rama, the security guard from Lebauer Park rushed over to alert us that the park was off limits, but PriceLine used his “Negotiator” skills to ensure him that we were not up to no good.

Following the warm-a-rama, we moseyed in formation and singing cadence to the Bellemeade parking garage and up the spiral at the corner of Bellemeade and Greene St.


Much like the Kirk, which has been made famous not only by having been done a few times during Uptown Funk workouts, but also in workout riddles, the Jerk consists of the PAX completing a series of exercises at the top of Bellemeade parking garage, then running down the spiral to the base, back to the top and executing the exercises again.  The PAX continue AMRAP until time is called.

  1. 7 x Carolina Drydocks
  2. 14 x Peter Perkins
  3. 21 x Side-straddle Squats
  4. 28 x Crunchy frogs
  5. 35 x Sun gods

Most PAX completed at least 2 rounds, with the Sugar Rays being stopped on their 4th trip down the spiral.

After Omaha, the PAX moseyed down the stairs, across the street, and then back to the shovel flag for 6MOM.

6MOM: (45secOM)

Buck‘s 2.0 Spike, who many of you know led us in a fantastic American Hammer’s exercise, putting may of us to shame with his 4-count prowess.  Great job Spike.  I am looking forward to the first father-son Q at Uptown Funk in the near future!


  • January 8th – F3 Blood Drive – mark your calendars
  • December 10th – F3 Gala at the Elk’s Club
  • Judy’s Chair 2nd F event / HdHH on December 7th at Gate City Growlers.  Judy will be there to meet the PAX and help with the final push to raise the last money needed for her chair.
  • Gilligan on Q at the Dash on Saturday morning
  • Fanny is in final planning phases for an F3 AO at the Weaver House, which is a facility aimed at helping men who are less material fortunate that we are.  Likely Friday morning’s.  Fanny is getting interest from the group there and will distribute shoe sizes for the PAX to purchase some shoes for the interested men.
  • Prayers for Caboose (@Caboose_F3) from North Charlotte who’s son underwent surgery this morning.

Thanks for the opportunity, men, and I hope the cadence calling gave us all a little kick in the pants this morning before starting our normal workdays.

COT: Hush Puppy

PAX: Explosion, bundle, Fanny, Earhardt, Prophet, Ozone, Dontcha Know, Leverage, Cheesey Poof, JR, Buck, Spike, Pinto, Boatshow, Amphibious, Girth, Boy Wonder, Maneater, Graffiti, Hugh Puppy, J-Love, Anchor, Paula Dena, Jordache, Birds Nest, Butt Fumble, Feldman, Wilson, Hootie, Peddler, Mini me (visiting from F3 Isotope), Gilligan, Wide Left, PriceLine (Mike Molson), Stamey (Darren Harmon), Rico (Sam Alvarez), Papi (Jose Chavez), Crotch (Brent Nida)

QIC: Wide Left