11 PAX, plus F3’s best friend Deuce entered the pitch black gloom on the longest/darkest morning on the eve of turning the clocks back.  YHC got to AO well in advance and had no visibility out at Deebs Memorial field just behind  Mendenhall.  We welcomed two of the PAX who arrived right on time (Quicken and Graffiti) as they were fighting the good fight of Fartsack vs. posting that we all battle on occasion.  The struggle is real…. We shall get back to that headline in a moment.  For now, let’s go back in time for a retelling:


Mosey to other side of schoolhouse to a grassy knoll where we warmed up the bodies in advance of day’s chores.

  • SSH x25
  • Crabcakes x 20
  • Sun Gods x 15 forward / 15 reverse
  • Wind Mills x 20
  • Monkey Humpers x 20

The Thang

From Warm-O-Rama, we race over to the Deebs Memorial fields and thankfully some daylight greeted us.  Partnered up for the following “Thang”:

4 cones spread out over the football field roughly encompassing 80 yards long and 40 yards wide – Objective for Partner A to take off running around all 4 cones as Partner B executes exercise.  Partner A returns from running to relieve partner B and on it goes until all exercises completed and on to next cone:

  • 1st cone – 100 Merkins
  • 2nd Cone – 200 WWII Sit-Ups
  • 3rd Cone – 300 Squats
  • 4th Cone (perhaps PAX favorite) – 400 Crab Cakes


Upon reaching the Crab Cake cone YHC realizes quickly that a late night stroke of the Sharpie may have been ill advised with this 4th cone of ill repute.  All PAX sucked it up and perservered anyway.

Called #Omaha and we ran back to shovelflag where PAX were greeted by aYHC’s truck bed full of bricks.   Objective: Circled up for 2 rounds of Flock/Brick of Seagulls and 2 rounds of Brick Merkins in cadence

We then executed a half baked 3MOM and YHC calls #Code Red instructing PAX to Cusack with bricks raised while mozying around the school back to shovelfag for 3 Mor Minmuets of Mary led by Gilligan



Lw Slow Flutters

American Hammers


  •  #Tclaps to the 11PAX that chose the #RedPill this morning.  YHC especially appreciative of the encouragement among the Pax as we executed many laps and multiple reps.
  • Big Tclaps to Ewok (Norwood’s 2.0) as we celebrate his 1 year anniversary as a 2.0.  Strong stuff by this little Ninja
  • Dec 10th is 2nd annual F3 Christmas Gala/Prom/Celebration – Please see weblink and purchase tickets.  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/f3-christmas-galaprom2nd-f-celebration-tickets-29288607012
  • Jan 8th Blood Drive – See Butt Fumble for details

As always, my honor and privilege to lead…


PAX: Gunny

QIC: 11/5/16