10 brave PAX woke early and tested themselves in the 3rd edition of GSO Criterion.

Ok…so perhaps the night after the election was not the best choice for this one. The over tired PAX showed up and gave it their all.  T-Claps



After some brief disclaimers and Criterion introduction the PAX moseyed out of the parking lot the long way to Starmount and ran down to the baseball field parking lot for warm up. A general full body warm-up with low reps was called

  • SSH IC 20
  • Plank and hold (20 sec)
  • Mountain Climbers IC 15
  • LBC IC 15
  • Deep Squat hold 30 sec

Dispensing with the warm up and wanting to conserve energy we set off on a slow mosey around the course for the 1mi run stopping short of the mile but taking in the chem light art. Yes they hang well in tree branches and my 2.0s were pleased when I brought them back for breakfast. Not sure my son’s teachers enjoyed them in the classroom but that is another story.


After counting off by 3 YHC explained the rotation and gathered the PAX for a brief ball of man and prayer for endurance and protection. Soon PAX dashed off to complete the following in a staged start and rotating fashion:

  • 15 Pull Ups then run to hard top
  • 100 full Sit up (WWI)
  • 50 Merkin
  • 1 mile run.

YHC forgot how unpleasant the first 1/2 mile is after 100 situp. Perhaps we’ll train for this with iron vests in the future.

Somewhere in the run a certain PAX member triggered something deep down and kept running to his car and home to undoubtedly test the wall paper strength in his bathroom. Reports indicate that despite some harsh aromas the paper held true. YHC understands well the pain train from within.

Others of us rolled into some plank and then Mary before finishing up the work piece with a few men on the field of effort.

We ended with COT by Bulldog

Moleskin: F3 Christmas party. 10 -Dec. 7am. Bring M. Link below. Also on Evite under F3 GSO



PAX: 11/09/16

QIC: Refi, Golden Corral, Wilma, War Eagle, Don’t Ya Know, Fletch, Earhart, Bulldog, Graffiti