Beautiful Morning in Summerfield the Only Boot Camp workout on Thursday.  We had Lennox woods REPRESENTING today with 2 FNGs.  Here is how it went down.  We Moseyed the long way  around Lake Stopping at the Damn to do some Star Gazing PLUS 21s and Dying Cockroaches. Finished Mosey to Amphitheater where ALEVE lead WARM-o-RAMA:

15 Front/Back Sungods IC


20 Hillbillies IC

15 Sting rippers IC

15 Windmills IC

5 Burpees OYO

Ran to bottom of HIll where the THANG began

Copper Head Lunges

Bear Crawl Half way up hill flip

and Finish with Crab Crawl

Run to Soccer Field-FOR PK WAR (Penalty Kicks)

Split into two 5 man teams

Team A Kickers

Team B Goalies

Losing Team of Point/Block has to run to Cone, 3 Burpees and run back 3 burpees

Winning team OF Point/Block gets to pick own exercise do until losing team finishes

Each Member Kicks and tends goal

Mosey back to MARY

Botox’s Favorite Planks you wish were never invented


Named two FNGS

Ryan Davis-Offisides

John Hannon-Palin (had to say he was from Alaska)


Pray for Sacked who is having surgery next week

Shea’s Chase 5K this weekend Downtown


Missfire took us out



QIC: 11/10/16